We're back and what a nice thing to come back to. Another great review for The Wolf's Sister, this time from Literary Nymphs.

"This author is new to me, and I’m pleased with the tightly constructed plot, smooth flow and nice job of describing the two races that are the focus of this story. Add in animal totems, vastly differing belief systems, death, anger, madness, betrayal and unexpected love and you have all the components needed for an entertaining afternoon read. I look forward to seeing where this series goes with the next release, The Wolf’s Mate."

And it got 4 Nymphs!!! Not sure where they are or what they are up to, but it certainly sounds good to me! :)
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( Feb. 14th, 2009 08:11 am)
OKay, so we didn't go last night, we're going this morning. But I had to tell you about the Samhellion swag hunt happening NOW until the 15th of February because otherwise it would have been too late!

"The mission is simple, go to the author websites below and search for the missing gifts. Each gift is an icon that will say, Samhellion Swag Hunt. Once you locate the gift, come back here and enter the item (jewelry, candy, etc) not the URL - for each author then click submit.

You're now entered into a drawing to win a free ebook! For each participating author, we will draw one prize so if you have nine authors on your list then you have nine chances to win! All winners will be announced on the Samhellion Blog.


One entry per household - You must be 18 to enter - Void where prohibited by law.

Hunt #3 - Ends February 15 @ 8 AM, EST"

Some really great books are available, romance (both sweet and steamy - maybe don't do this in work!), paranormal and fantasy.

And one of the prizes is The Wolf's Sister.

rflong: (The Wolf's Sister)
( Feb. 4th, 2009 02:52 pm)
Fallen Angel Reviews just gave The Wolf's Sister a 5 angels review and marked it as a recommended read! Woot!

"The fascination that I first felt when I had the chance to read the blurb for this book was well justified. Riveted from the first page to the last I was looking for more and became frustrated when the story ended. This book was very exciting, the way the plot played out was thoroughly engrossing, and the characters displayed very real emotions...I love to read books that make me feel the emotions that the players experience, be it fear, pain, anger, happiness, sorrow and frustration. The battles that these two go through make you ask yourself what next and when will it end, but the ending is very rewarding. Overall, I could read this book repeatedly and find something new in it. Thanks to R. F. Long for a very wonderful read."

Thanks so much, Darksnite.

I got my hair cut.

I mean CUT. Like about a foot of hair is gone.

I said on Facebook that I did a Bernice and had to add a prompt to explain that cryptic statement.

My daughter hates it, my son loves it, [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  is being very flattering. I love it! (Thought I'd better add that just in case anyone was worried). And yes it was drastic. But sometimes drastic is what it takes.

When I can get a photo where I have my eyes open I will post it, I promise. But I am not a good subject for photos. Really, I'm not. I tend to have my mouth open or in a funny shape, or my eyes closed. Or else they do that whole demonic red-eye thing. I prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it.

I'm still editing and still enjoying it. Tonight I need to work on a story for the alter-ego as its due in on the 2nd and I will be away from the 29th - 1st (and so far the plan is not... I repeat... NOT ...  to bring the laptop. If I can bear it.) While away I will try to edit The Wolf's Mate, do a bit of Moy Tura and sketch out part 3 The Wolf's Destiny.

Speaking of my Holtlands stories I got another lovely Google alert this morning: Romance Book Wyrm recently read The Wolf's Sister and gives her thoughts. Thanks Amy C.

Google alerts took its time, but I got a mail this morning with a link to a review of The Wolf's Sister.

"I haven’t read such a beautifully written tale in a very long time!...Author R.F. Long’s technique, descriptions, dialogue, and plot flow are superb. The seed of love grows with the characters and that element is what allows this story to shine because the external conflicts held that much more impact on the tale’s outcome. I’m impressed and I will definitely be reading more from this author!"

Thank you so much Natalie.

If anyone would like any, drop me a message via the livejournal messaging or at rflong AT rflong DOT com (I think you know what to do...) with your address. Someone might even get a pen as well. :) 

In the meantime just to let everyone know that I too have a blogspot account (http://rflong.blogspot.com/), and there's a blog on my website (http://www.rflong.com). Just in case the panic is for real. If LJ folds I'll be unhappy, but the web is transient so...
rflong: (The Wolf's Sister)
( Dec. 18th, 2008 09:33 am)
Just found out that The Wolf's Sister is now available on a dutch ebook site - Not in dutch mind you, but how exciting!

A review for The Wolf’s Sister is now online at PNR Reviews by Dee Gentle, PNR Reviews & Features Editor, Paraphernalia

and its a nice review too… “a wonderful start to the series”

Also up today is the almost infamous “ghost post” at Texty Ladies. I mentioned in my interview with Jane about various ghost sightings and she asked for more information. She opened the call last week to Texty Ladies readers and the result is up today. It makes for some interesting and spooky reading!


(x-posted from www.rflong.com - comment there or here)

ps LJers - the bunnies are behaving and I wrote some of The Wolf's Mate last night. Yay!

Also edited to add: *drumroll*

Your results:
You are Padme
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker
Boba Fett
Lando Calrissian
Qui-Gon Jinn
You try to be a good person,
but your boyfriend doesn't.
At least you look great.
(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)
Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Test
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 01:50 pm)
The Wolf's Sister is available now from Samhain Publishing and various lovely eBook stores.

A love transcending race and culture…a secret that could cost everything.

A Tale of the Holtlands, Book 1

Elite Fey’na warrior Shan is driven only by hatred for Gilliad, the Lord of River Holt, the human responsible for the brutal slaying of his innocent sister. Vengeance will be his as soon as he can find a way to confront his enemy. His mind is set; his path chosen. Then he meets Jeren…

Jeren of River Holt flees for her life, desperate to escape the clutches of her brother, Gilliad, before his misuse of magic consumes what remains of his sanity. She finds safety and protection with Shan…but only so long as she hides her kinship with the Lord of River Holt. As they are pursued across the northern snow plains, their deepening trust turns to love.

A love that could shatter when he learns who, and what, she is.

All this and at only $3.50! Which is €2.20 or GB£1.78 (or thereabouts according to xe.com).

Actually if you go to MBaM today its reduced too!

Of course if you'd like to swing over to my website I have a little competition all set up and ready to go...

(hint: read my ramblings, watch a lovely music video, read an excerpt and go riiiiiiiight down the bottom of the page...)

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( Nov. 5th, 2008 09:17 am)
It's never ending! :)

I did some interviews and promo a while ago so with only a week left, its all arriving at once. Don't worry. I'll pipe down again soon.*

Raine Delight posted an article I wrote on Fantasy cunningly entitled "Why Fantasy?" and another interview which also includes a different except of "The Wolf's Sister". Warning for those at work - there are some scantily clad ladies in the site header. Actually, that might be an enticement for some of you ;)

I also got a stonking review from the wonderful Ciar Cullen - I'm so thrilled about this one.

Long is a master at characterization. Deep characterization, in a short book. Madness, longing, love, desperation, motivation, hurt, betrayal–it’s all there for each primary character. Even Anala, my favorite character (a wolf). Sniff. Because the characters are so real, the relationships are believable. Somehow Long creates connections between her characters seemingly out of thin air. And then you connect–Shan is so loveable in a manly way that it’s heartbreaking when he gets into mortal danger.

I love her description–just enough to give you the sense of the cold fantasy world without boring you. I also loved the tone of this book–serious, a bit morose, deep, desperate. In contrast, the romance is uplifting and brings light to the story.



So I got a 4.5 out of 5 and I'm delighted. :)


*I'm lying. Ask [info]e_w_h
rflong: (Default)
( Nov. 2nd, 2008 10:54 am)

The Coming Soon page for The Scroll Thief just went up here which is really exciting. Check it out!

I love the warning…

And its only 9 days until The Wolf's Sister releases. It's all moving now.

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( Sep. 24th, 2008 11:24 am)
I'm a big fan of promo thingamies. You know, free pens, postcards, bookmarks etc. A sucker for them. I've been playing around on Vistaprint to make my own as well. Great is the excitement and mighty too the fiddling. Because it is fiddly. And a bit of pot-luck. How will they turn out? Haven't a clue. Not even when I ordered a printable pdf proof which I couldn't get to print (grrrrr..........)

With the various free offers (Remember, this offer may NEVER be repeated... until tomorrow) a bit of patience means all you pay for is the postage. (And maybe the unprintable printable proof).  And somewhere in my business cards I have a discount on that, I'm sure.

So, I am at play, effectively, in the world of graphic design, something for which I am totally unqualified. No different from book trailer design of course. And yes, it does serve as a distraction from writing, from working, and from all sorts of other things. But its fun and we all deserve a little fun.

Until I do bite the bullet, order them, wait for them and discover the great big GLARINGLY obvious typo in the middle of the blurb or something just as delightful!

So what this ramble is saying, is that I will soon have postcards, bookmarks and related promotional thingamies for The Wolf's Sister. And when I do, if you want one, I will send it to you. I may even have a draw for the free pen! :D Wanna play?

What's your favorite promo thingamy?

eta: Ordered the bookmarks last night. So now we just wait for the snail to bring them to my door... :D When they come I will post again and gather addresses etc. Talk soon

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( Sep. 16th, 2008 03:56 pm)
The artist for my novella cover is Natalie Winters. Thanks Natalie!

rflong: (Plotbunny)
( Sep. 11th, 2008 10:42 am)
So here is a question - what does a writer with a novella coming out in two months do when procrastinating from all the other writing/editing she is supposed to be doing.

Yes, she makes a book trailer.

Quite fun actually. Probably not the greatest ever made but the bug certainly bit me and I will be trying some more in times to come. (i.e. as soon as everything is approved for The Scroll Thief and I am twiddling my thumbs trying to think of things to do so I don't actually have to do work). I have to admit, everyone in my house is sick of the tune now, but I quite like it.

Do book trailers work? I don't know. I did buy one novella because I saw the book trailer and had I merely seen the cover I might not have so its worked for me as a reader. I am easily influenced and watch a lot of tv. But I don't have one of those paint roller thingies with extra edge rollers if you order now! But they do appear to be gaining in popularily. It's also a terrific way of doing some internet promo while you yourself are offline.

And hey, they're fun.

So, without further ado...

Feel free to comment. Yes, it is aimed at a particular market. Why do you ask? :D

eta: I wanted to add that I don't yet have the cover but when I do I will be changing this to include it. Any other tweaks will also happen then.
I've just signed the contracts for my 100k novel The Penitent to be published with Samhain, the same publisher bringing out The Wolf's Sister in November.

The Penitent will release as an ebook early next year (between Feb and April) and then in print about 10 months later.


I've been dying to say something (and have to some people in private) but I got so paranoid and superstitious I couldn't and I had to wait until people came back from RWA and holidays and and and....

Alright, I'm waffling. But I'm happy. I have been trying to get this one out for SO LONG!

Definitely elephants for everyone!

(And I may have used up all of LJ's exclamation marks. Sorry!!! Oops, there I go again.)
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( Jul. 15th, 2008 09:37 pm)
I think I've just finished the final edits on The Wolf's Sister!!!!!!

*dance of joy**dance of joy**dance of joy*

It has been such a wonderful experience. So very exciting so see the story adapt with the help of a really fantastic editor. I loved the story before.

I ADORE it now! :D

Can't wait until November.
rflong: (Maggie Cheung Hero)
( Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 am)
Well, actually the round 2 edits on The Wolf's Sister have already gone back which is cool and really really scary. There wasn't very much the second time around. A couple of things we'd missed and one or two caused by the first round edits. But I got the whole lot done in one sitting which stunned me.

So now I'm at a bit of a loss. I have things to do but I'm a bit bewildered and not quite sure which to plunge into next.

I did write a little of The Wolf's Mate last night though. That's something.

And I have two crits to finish today. Um-hummmm.... better make that a priority this evening! :D

Think we're going to the National Garden Exhibition Centre later on. It would be nice to get out for a walk too. But now the laundry needs to be put away.

ah, the glamour!
rflong: (Joy)
( Jun. 25th, 2008 10:02 pm)
I just sent back  the first round of edits for The Wolf's Sister to my editor at Samhain.

It feels very very weird!

Good, but weird!


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