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( Aug. 10th, 2007 11:46 am)
Do you think I might be getting excited about my holiday? Off to France a week tomorrow, driving to Cork and getting the Ferry overnight to Roscoff. We've even got the posh cabins. Can't wait. Starting to get unbearable.

Things are still a bit chaotic. The kitchen is still not finished. The annoying part is that it's just little things left but getting them actually done seems to be presenting an insuperable barrier. We have family coming for dinner this evening regardless, so spent last evening cleaning everything and washing the livingroom carpet. I have to do the shopping for ingredients on the way home - spag bol all round I think.

I've done precious little writing. I did finish the scene in Moy Tura Echoes with Nuada in Newgrange, and started the next, but didn't get far on it. I must get more regimented. But not tonight alas. Maybe I will manage to write more while we are away. The laptop is coming with me anyway.

Had a great laugh reading the new Ansible last night, particularly the thought of CS Lewis and Tolkien in a death match.

Anyway, with my basic nothing to report today, I might as well stop typing and try to do something here. I am planning on a shopping trip at lunchtime. Not sure what for. Just want to shop!


I mentioned in the last post that I was going to have a shower and go to bed. Well, I tried, but as I showered, my husband came thundering up the stairs to tell me to turn it off as water was coming through the ceiling into the kitchen! 

Oh yes.

What ever muppet (and I use the term without affection) put the bath in tiled UNDER the bath seal so that the water runs down the grouting lines and has been building up under the floor boards in the ceiling above my new cooker!  When we poked at the ceiling the other day, we knocked a hole in it, giving the water somewhere to go and now cannot use the shower.

We can have a bath if we don't splash too much. It's going to make the kids a little less fragrant! :D

Seriously though, have we just discovered that we have in fact moved into the Moneypit? 

It's just a case of taking off a line of tiles, redoing the seal and then re-tiling, hopefully in a tile that matches, but frankly I don't care right now!

The flash at LH appears to be going down very well which is good. I subbed my next chapter of May Queen to the crit group last night and got one back already! Yay! Haven't really done much else. Very lazy these days.
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( Jul. 29th, 2007 10:28 am)
I meant to say we had pasta last night - Fungi porcini taglietelli with a creme fraich, parmesan and nutmeg sauce.


And I cooked it on my own cooker too. :D

Not there yet, so no photos, but soon... soon...

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( Jul. 27th, 2007 10:12 am)
Two rejections this morning.

One for The Wrecker's Daughter from Heliotrope (32 days)and one for Come and Play from Wierd Tales (49 days). I think I have another market for The Wrecker's Daughter, a fairly unusual one, but I have to go check out their submission guidelines. Not sure about Come and Play - I have one idea, but want to see if I can pull up anything else first.

Other than that, I have done NO writing thanks to JK Rowling and THAT book. I finished it last night. There were laughs and tears and a certain amount of cheering (in my head). I really enjoyed it. There were one or two spots where it dragged a little, but the main thing that struck me is the vast improvement in her writing over the years. Yes, of course you would expect that, but it was glaringly obvious in this one. What an amazing thing to do though, to have so many people, children and adults gagging to get to the end of the seventh book in a series.

The kitchen is nearly there. Nearly.  We had a couple more hiccups (surprise!). We're trying to work out why everything about this installation has ended up being "non-standard". The cooker went in last night (hurray) and looks wonderful. The oven isn't wired in yet, but the hob is and works. I may yet get my pasta! We're all having a night off tonight and then doing a full day tomorrow. I must take some pictures. I have a couple of befores already. I'll do an "in progress" tonight (if I remember) and an "after" on Saturday evening. We will still have to decorate, of course, but that is to be expected. There is a large hole in one wall exposing the pipes. The electrician took on look at it and said "That was the work of a plumber!". There was also a leak in the bathroom at some point and the ceiling above the cooker is bowed so a panel will have to be replaced. (Yippee!) So, there will be tiling, papering and painting to beat the band going on next week. And I am a painting monster when I get going.

Off to check up on the local DIY shop where I will be spending my lunch hour looking for wall lights. :D

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( Jul. 24th, 2007 12:23 pm)
I'm trying to whip "After 39 days" into shape and trying to discern what is the common procedure for poetry submissions. I'm a fiction girl, always have been, always will be, but poems do tend to find their way out once in a while, and so far their publication rate is much higher than that of my fiction! Go figure.

I did a bit of work on "The Bonny Lass O' Fyvie" last night. I want to get it polished up and out soon. The lack of responses to the pieces I have out is still a niggle, but I figure the best thing I can do is to submit/write more and just keep it all churning away. I think I have found another good market for "The Wrecker's Daughter " if it should come back again.  Fingers crossed it doesn't of course.

So, the main thing that remains with "The Bonny Lass O'Fyvie" is to sort out the whole chemical/mental time travel problem - I think by doing as my husband suggested and tying it in with the traveler's illness. As his body deteriorates, parts of the brain that lay dormant before are activated etc. I'm not entirely sure yet, but I HAVE to work it out. Mainly for the sake of my own sanity. Then I have to make it convincing!

We have three quarters of a kitchen (perhaps a little more) but no cooker yet! Soon, soon... please god soon! Never thought I would get sick of take away. All I want to do at this stage is boil up a big pot of pasta and make tagliatelle d'agusto. That, with some parmesan and a big bottle of wine would go down a treat. That or the chili beef ramen. Yum!

Ah well, maybe tomorrow. I won't get my hopes up for tonight. Oh, the car is in the garage again. Nearly had a heart attack when they told us the engine coil problem wasn't an engine coil problem and could be something more serious and then didn't ring us back all day yesterday! Contact was made, by my husband because I'm a chicken, today and it turns out that the engine coil had in fact gone as we thought but in a new, unexpected and interesting way. Phew! They thought it might have been the head gasket. 

Do I sound like I know what I am talking about?  

Anyway, hopefully I will have my car back tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I have to decide whether to sell it or not! :D  No, really, I love my car but it seems to be spending more time with our mechanic than me at the moment and, frankly, I'm getting jealous.

20 minutes til lunch. I have purposely left HP at home so I will do some work in work. Some...
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( Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:05 pm)
Well the kitchen is taking a little longer than expected. But it has taken shape and the room seems twice as big. It's amazing what colour will do to a room. Things are still chaotic, and we may be living on take-out for another day or so, but we are almost there! I've been entertaining 4 small children for two days now - ours and my brother in laws (who is helping with the kitchen). I am so tired I cannot begin to describe it, so will be trotting off to bed shortly.

Today we went to a 50s diner, Eddie Rockets, and then the cinema - The Ugly Duckling and Me - a truly bizare film. I'm not sure why I found it so wierd. I really enjoyed it, but every so often found myself staring at the screen with my jaw open - I mean, a cat with a split personality, the alternate persona being the his sock puppet bird(?). So so odd, on so many levels. And as for the male hungry female rat, and the female ducks with breasts...


But the kids loved it.

Got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. My husband and I have fallen into taking turns with it. My son decided it was his, but as he hasn't read the earlier ones, and can't read a lot by himself, he mainly looks at the cover a lot.

Also watched the last episode of Rome tonight, which was wonderful. The portrayal of Attia of the Julia is superb!

Oh, and I bought myself a copy of 2000AD today, which I haven't read in ...oh about 10 years (at least) so I am looking forward to seeing what's going on there. I used to read it religiously. Scary but true!
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( Jul. 19th, 2007 09:33 am)
Last night I typed up just under 3000 words of Moy Tura Echoes. (2, 7xx something something). It's pretty rough and needs some cleaning up, but it was a sticky sort of scene to get onto the computer and into some sort of stable form. It's one of those, all meet, regroup and then go separate ways to do something. It also starts Fionn and Emer on their plotline and leaves Jack faced with the reality of Morgan.  And vice versa.

I'll try to post it to the online group in Hatrack this evening.

Everything is starting to get geared up for the great kitchen re-do event. We don't have everything we need of course, but hopefully I can pick up some bits tomorrow (lights and tiles) and the guys will get whatever else they need on Saturday morning. Hopefully.



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