Ok, strictly not a review, but a post from Lee Reynoldson (Hearthweru) on the Flashing Swords section of SFReader (It still warrants an elephant though!). Elements is my short story which appears in the Flashing Swords Summer Spectacular, 2008 *

So as promised, I am quoting him everywhere!

Last night I read Elements by R.F. Long. Loved it. Great story and nice to see an Arthurian tale that owes more to the Mabinogion than French Romance.

This totally made my day. Thanks so much Lee!


*It's still available until the end of September folks.
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So many Monty Python lines, so little time...
Well, actually it tried to arrive yesterday but I wasn't home and so had to brave the manky lane-way by the main post office to reach the delivery office and pick it up from the man behind the little window... (actually that could make a story in itself)

I got my issue of Flashing Swords Special Edition Summer 2008 (the magazine with more variant titles than a librarian wants to see on a Tuesday morning before her cup of tea.)

It's lovely and shiny! It's full of stories. All is currently right with the world.

And I now have my cup of tea. :D

*iz happy*

The Flashing Swords Summer Special 2008 is out today. This is only available until the end of September so hurry hurry hurry.

All in all over twenty tales and poems of sword and sorcery, articles and interviews, including my Celtic/Arthurian story "Elements". Loads of lovely stuff in here. What are you waiting for?

Here's the toc for good measure.

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( Apr. 7th, 2008 09:29 am)
I got the illustration that will accompany Elements in the Summer Special of Flashing Swords by the very talented A.R. Stone. This is a historical fantasy set in Ireland c. 450 A.D. (ish) and ties into some later legends with which you may be familiar. The Elements of the title are the powers which the sorcerers of the time employ - earth, air, fire and water - each person being keyed to one element and also the elements of a story which grow into a legend later on.

Here 'tis...


Edited to add: I made the image a bit smaller, but wanted to let you know the border is intricate celtic knotwork. Cool, huh? Well done A.R. Stone on a wonderful illo. I'm so chuffed!

The Flashing Swords Summer special will be available from June 2008, print only. And it is looking GREAT!
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 09:52 am)
Ok, I've been in rejection mourning since Sunday, which isn't good. I don't take rejection well. (NSS!)

On the other hand, I sent out two pieces, one immediately after the rejection (Elements to Interzone (!!!!)) and The Wolf's Sister to an eBook place as a novella. I did a run through and added back half the stuff I had cut out when trying to force it to be a short story. Basically, it isn't. It's a romance/fantasy novella and is determined I think to be nothing else (except maybe a full blown three volume novel one day if I am not careful).
So yes, slightly ratty, but getting over it all now. Trying to concentrate on some work.

On the other hand I went to a library seminar last friday and got a demo of software for the British Library and the National Library here that takes digital scans of rare books and manuscripts and creates 3d virtual books. It was AMAZING!!!

But really, still in a bad mood.


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