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( Dec. 24th, 2008 09:05 am)
This says it all for today...

just in case you were wondering...

Is this not the cheesiest song ever?

I'll be around, lurking. There's some wifi in the bar, but other than that I am officially off in the morning with a HUGE pile of books. :D
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( Aug. 13th, 2008 03:29 pm)
So much to do.  Trying to plan it out. Failing miserably. A bit like all the plotting I have ahead of me.

I am meant to be writing on this holiday. There's a short story for The Alter-Ego (as she is fast becoming known) to be in by the beginning of September. There's the sequel to The Wolf's Sister. I'm trying to limit it to that and not allowing the 14 million plotbunnies that have started leaping up in the last day or so.

I finished editing a novella, also for The Alter-Ego and it is now with beta-readers. (Other reader/critiquey people - if you don't have it that's because I'm too embarassed to send it to you. :D If you have it, you know why!!!) I am quite pleased with it and its an advance in that area as it is 20k words instead of 6k and has more of a plot (well it would at that length, wouldn't it?)

My struggle to find books comparable to The Penitent continues. I have narrowed it down to a few and will be hitting the local library this evening to see if there are any copies in stock so I can borrow them and try to speed read on holiday as well as speed-write. Coz' like, I need another thing to do while I'm relaxing.

Don't worry. It's very easy for me to go to my happy place right now...

"2 days to a holiday"
Does no one else want to guess the song?
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( Aug. 12th, 2008 02:21 pm)
Yes, I am mentally singing an old Cliff Richards song. Why do you ask?

And if you can guess correctly which one... there's absolutely no prize but the satisfaction of knowing you're nearly as geeky as me.

ps no, its not Summer Holiday. I thought I'd better get that out of the way right up front there.
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( Aug. 11th, 2008 12:41 pm)
Well, after all that excitement and partially due to the fact that I am now in official holiday countdown mode and want to loll about (5 days to go!!!) we went to Newgrange yesterday. And this time I have photos.

Not many, I grant you. Not for me. And none inside for 'tis forbidden. And there was no sign of Nuada or Etain so they must have been off somewhere else (probably messing with someone else's head instead of being there to help me write Moy Tura Echoes).

There are photos of me and my new glasses (which are fab) but I am hoarding them. Ha ha!

And this I hasten to add is AFTER I tried to make them smaller!!! Er? I'm having issues with Photobucket. Bear with me....

We had a wonderful trip. I forget how impressive it is until you walk inside, look up and think wow! 5,000 years old. Still intact. Lost until the 1600s (yes UNTIL the 1600s). It has grafitti that is over 200 years old inside. In the 18th and 19th century it was a place to visit and carve your initials into the inner chamber.

The carvings on the entrance stone and the various curbstones are still as enchanting as ever. Even my son was fascinated. It's the first time I think we've take him somwhere that has impacted so strongly on him. He's the right age to impress when it comes to this sort of history.

Favorite moment however was when they turned off the lights, plunging us into total darkness so that they could recreate the effect of sunrise on the shortest day of the year. A thin line of golden light crept up the inner chamber. And the light up butterflies on my 4yo daughters' shoes started flashing. :D
I'm going away to Malta tomorrow (at an ungodly hour in the morning, don't ask!). The annual conference for Carmelite librarians is on there and I am starting to get quite excited now. Besides the usual getting ready gitters, the preparing to travel gitters, and the OMG I'm travelling gitters, of course.

So far:

I still have to pack.

I still have to dig out my passport.

I have some cash.

and new clothes.

and new shoes (although I wasn't meant to buy them).

And then all my old summer clothes which I had presumed went missing when we moved house, turned up unexpectedly in a friend's shed. Maybe they hid out there to avoid all the chaos. I don't know. But now I have extra summer clothes. Some of them quite suitable for a conference.

And guidebooks. I now have three. And a map which I probably won't need, but its nice to have it.

I must:

Pack Shampoo - forgot it when going to Washington DC and I will never allow myself to forget it when going on holidays again. Ditto, but not so much on nail varnish remover. Only my toenails are currently varnished.

Pack Notebooks - probably just taking one. Will surely regret it when I get there. Hmm, maybe should bring two - one for writing and one for work.

Pack Pens. Lots of pens. Hate the prospect of running out of pens.

Pack Batteries for the camera and the mp3 player. No I don't have a charger. Oh, and pack the phone charger, and adapter!!! 

I must also move the pictures currently on the camera (mainly of the cat) onto the laptop leaving the camera free for lots of pictures. and this year I must take care of the camera. Last year I broke my last digital camera taking pictures in Krakow. I still maintain it got a fatal overdose of baroque carvings and goldwork.

I have four books to read (I think). I doubt I will need more. These trips are usually the only time I get to read something for more than two minutes at a go. Oh wait, I also have Ruins Metropolis and Flashing Swords Summer special. Lots of reading! Who needs sleep?

If I could just get the gin and tonic in as well, I'd be happy!

You see why I hate to travel? I have to travel with me!

One of the other reasons I am so excited about this trip is that the Carmelites came to Malta in and around the 1200s (maybe a little later) and were never suppressed there. And don't really know all that they have there. Just rooms, full of old stuff, piled up... Hmmm.....

Sorry, went off to a happy place there.

So this is a long post to say that after this evening I will not be around until next Saturday. I plan to beg [profile] e_w_h to check my email occasionally, but otherwise I am dropping off the face of the blogsphere for a little while. Scary prospect.

Be good while I'm gone.
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( Dec. 24th, 2007 08:23 am)
Just back from the penultimate mad dash around the shops for food in the event that Christmas never ends and the shops never reopen!  When I was a kid, it used to feel like Christmas lasted for weeks and all the shops closed completely for ages, but since the advent of 24 hour supermarkets and corner shops where you buy things at three time their market value, it kind of cracks me up that the mentality is still to buy as if stocking an air raid shelter for the coming war. 

In an effort to avoid this I left everything I could until 6.30 this morning and did my shopping then. Yes, the entire night staff of the supermarket and myself had a wonderful time. Well I did. They stacked shelves and joked. The guards came in and bought DVDs. I used to enjoy late night shopping. It had a surreal quality, as if all participants were secretly a bit drunk. But early morning shopping is bizare, like everyone is slightly stoned instead.

So, we just have to pick up the turkey and ham from the family butcher, a bottle of cheap white wine for gravy (isn't it nice to think we don't have a bottle of cheap wine in the house this year?!) We have to clean the house and pin my sister down to a visiting time (this could be the impossible part!) My husband DOES have to buy a Christmas present because of one fairly unfortunate oversight!!!

And I joined Facebook. Because... you know... em....

C'mon! Everyone else was doing it!

Happy Christmas all.
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( Dec. 6th, 2007 10:14 am)
In some ways I'v e ben quite hard at work on the old writing.

Draft 2 of To Regain Heaven is coming along nicely (ie I am typing it up!) and I have about 40% of it on the pewter now (according to the Zokutou wordmeter), A further two chapters have gone off to my CP (Hi!) and my husband has read them too (he liked. High praise!) I should get more of that done tonight.

I (finally) posted the next bit of Moy Tura on NB - Chapter 17 (I write VERY short chapters at the moment). In which bad things happen to good and innocent people. All bystanders trashed. Isn't it always the way! 

I will seriously have to do some more work on this as I think the next scene is going to involve Maeve and they are never easy. I need a Fionn and Emer scene too. But Maeve is more fun to write. She's nasty.

Main problem at the moment is that I have got to stop going into Notebored and editing the piece! It's a really bad habit, but once I look at it and see a nit I have to fix it!!! Jeeze, I'm even doing it now.

Tonight I should have some time. Last night we finished repairing the bath. Tomorrow night is my work party. Then on Saturday we have the kids party thrown by my husband's work. This is usually enormous fun, totally chaotic and really really exhausting. We're also hoping to get our Christmas Tree in the morning. At the same time I will need to order my meat from the butcher. God alone knows when I will manage to get the cake ingredients, but I'd better do it soon or no cake! And that would not go down well at all.

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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 11:04 am)
A bit of a mad weekend in the end. Lots of frantic running about but not an large amount of anything ACTUALLY done.

Friday night: Watched Blackbook by Paul Verhoeven. A wonderful film. I sobbed like a baby for most of the final third. Carice von Houten playing Ellis was magnificent. I don't know why but anything about the second world war, particularly about the occupied countries always really upsets me. I realised at one point that I was sitting there with my hand curled so tightly into a fist that my nails were digging into my palm.

Saturday: two birthday parties - my son went to his friend up the road's part and had a ball. I did the shopping. My husband worked on shelves for the kids room (yay!). We then thought we would go out and work on the garden. And opened the back door. And the heavens opened. So I had a nap instead. Bliss! Then we went to another birthday party, this time for our friend's one year old. They also live on our road. We met more neighbours. Yay.

That night we watched The Curse of the Golden Flower which was spectacular but maddeningly hard to follow. There were a couple of Pirates of the Carribean moments as in "Whose side is X on now?" *shrug* But thoroughly enjoyable and fantastic to look at. And really really depressing! But in the prettiest way.

So a non-Hollywood filmic weekend, which can be an eye-opener. For a really enthralling film though, I'd recommend Blackbook.

Sunday: Visited hardware shop. Visited parents. And (highlight for me) I went to the Messiah for All concert in Monkstown. This is an annual event which my Dad's choir organises where the whole Messiah is performed, and the "audience" brings their own librettos and joins in the chorus parts. It gives the effect of a mass chorus and is thoroughly enjoyable. It's the beginning of my Christmas and has been for some years. The Hallelujah chorus is phenominal. Last night they were accompanied by the Orchestra of St. Cecilia and I think I now prefer the orchestral accompaniment to the organ one. It was beautiful. There is a moment in the final Great Amen when the choir stops and the melody is played briefly. Noramlly as I said this is an organ piece, but last night it was played by two violins in perfect harmony. Then the full choral power of about four hundred people took over and raised the roof.

The soloists were marvelous, particularly the soprano, Anna Devin who I think is very much someone to watch out for. Let's just put it this way. She sang Rejoice Greatly, and smiled like someone actually rejoicing, just like the song says! You don't always see that. Fab!

I'm shattered! And run off my feet this morning!

Writing? What's that?

I need to start thinking about the LH end of year contest too.

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( Nov. 30th, 2007 04:09 pm)
I should be writing!

This is what comes of having a social life!

This week my social life for six months is crammed into six days. Then I have a week off. Then another period of six months in a week. The lead up to Christmas is SO much fun.


ps I got this

The reason for said excitement is not actually the holiday (for once) but instead is the book that I stumbled across in the local bookshop at lunchtime today - Stephen R. Lawhead's Hood. 

Stephen Lawhead + Robin Hood + Fantasy + the early years of Norman England!!!!!!!!

So I have picked my holiday reading then. Actually its sitting on my desk here. I've already read the prologue. But not here. NO, that was in the shop. I am trying to stop myself from turning to those magical words "Chapter 1".

Yes, I still haven't finished Crossstitch, or Terry Brooks' autobio. Yes, I have a pile of books to read, including Simon Greene and things I borrowed off people ages ago, and the Dark Is Rising Sequence which I need to reread before the film comes out in case they butcher it. (which looks likely given the trailers).

There is also the fact that I don't buy books. Not just like that. I go away, I read reviews, I see if they're in the library, I borrow them from friends and family. But buy a new book, in a bookshop, on first sight, the first of a series I haven't already read at least 7 of? - well, that's just hasty!

But... but... Robin Hood!

I mean this is up there with my childhood love of pirate movies. Errol Flynn has a lot to answer for.

Seriously thought, I will watch ANY adaptation of the Robin Hood legend, even the awful Xena type one (with aliens) from a few years back, the geographically challenged Prince of Thieves (Hadrian's wall? On the way from Dover to Nottingham?) even the marginally less awful recent BBC one. If it involves those magic two words, I'm hooked. Completely.

So, two more days to the holiday. Can I hold off reading the book before it? Well... we'll just have to see, won't we?

Early indications are... Unlikely.
So, five more days until the holiday (or four given that there is only an hour and a half left to the working day). Instead of going down to the ref and chatting aimlessly, here I am writing up a journal entry for you wonderful people.

We think we have a fix for the amazing schizo laptop (it has been blue screening recently, ever since we removed McAfee). Dell wanted €50 euro for software support, but my wonderful husband thinks he has is figured out. Yay for engineers the world over, but in particular for the one in my house. :D

I am grinning away to myself for another reason too - I am listening to the soundtrack of "Once More with Feeling", the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode and I had forgotten how funny it is! 

Yes yes, it was me. I was the one who bought it. And I'll tell you what - I have it on DVD too! Ha!

I did the LH flash yesterday and it is up on the site this morning. It's not a great effort, which is disappointing as my last one "In Black Shuck's Wake" did so well. I reread it this morning and its too dense. It's based on a setting for a couple of earlier stories and I think it requires too much backstory knowledge - so basically it needs to be about three times the size. Well, I am going on holiday so I might expand it there. I'm interested to see the crits that come in because if I was to give it one it would be pretty scathing. It has, however, given me a very interesting perspective character for a milieu I am very fond of, so it wasn't in vain. 

Other than that not much news. I've decided not to worry about the kitchen until we're back. I am focusing wholeheartedly on the holiday and praying for good weather. Now I just have to find out what I have to sacrifice to whom (or whom to what) for a bit of good weather while we're away (preferably where we are staying rather than back here so everyone can text us to say we're missing the summer).

Yes, I'm waffling. 

Best of luck and fingers cross to D doing her driving test! :D



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