Cheryl Morgan has the videos of Paul Cornell's Guest of Honour interview ([ profile] paulcornell2 )from Pcon by [ profile] slovobooks . It's in several parts. Its very interesting. And it is hillarious. Some of the gales of laughter during the Alan Moore portion of the interview were [ profile] irishkate and myself. Em... yeah, sorry about that. Most came from Catie Murphy ([ profile] mizkit ) though... Honest!
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 10:36 am)
Well, that was a busy weekend.

P-Con was wonderful. Great fun, lovely people and lots of interesting stuff going on. Paul Cornell [ profile] paulcornell2 ) was guest of honour, and other guests included C.E. Murphy ([ profile] mizkit ) the newly dubbed "Queen of P-Con", Charlie Stross ([ profile] autopope ), Chaz Brenchley ([ profile] desperance ), Juliet McKenna, Leah Moore and John Reppion (and many many more - I have had little sleep this weekend and lots of running around. I'm tired...)

Highlights included lunch with Juliet, Mizkit, Chaz and others (me looking somewhat surprised to be at that particular table) in Fallon & Byrnes, hot chocolate (a large number of hot chocolates) with [ profile] irishkate and [ profile] wyvernfriend , and being able to talk to Paul Cornell about Family of Blood. :D The final Mutiny of the Phoenix panel, a free for all Q&A of some of the guests, was a scream, as was the guest of honour interview where [ profile] slovobooks interviewed Paul and reduced some of us to tears of laughter. And as a plus, I got to put faces and actual people to a lot of people I've met on here (or heard rumours about *j*) like [ profile] peadarog ! And I met lots of new peoplw too! All in all I had a wonderful time. I have some pictures, but they are kind of blurry so I am waiting to see if I can nab some from [ profile] irishkate .

Saturday night was also [ profile] e_w_h  's birthday party which was wonderful. We had a fab time and it is not often we get to stay out until 4am anymore (the clocks went forward so we had help).

The cat, on the other hand, did officially NOT have a good weekend. He spent Saturday night and part of Sunday at my parents, which would have been fine had he not decided that stitches were not for him. So now, adding to the indignity of being knocked out, shaved, stitched, acting like a drunk on getting home so everyone laughed at him (Laughed!) he now has to wear a fairly unflattering large white conical collar because he kept trying to unstitch himself as only cats can.

The reaction to this worked out as follows:
1) walk backwards to see if escape is possible.
2) hide.
3) scape it off everything in sight.
4) sulk and plot revenge.

Oh really. Yes. Look.

This is the face that I left behind when I went to P-Con on Sunday morning.

So [ profile] e_w_h  took him home. In order to do this he had to take the collar off to get him in the basket, which was FINE by the cat. Unfortunately he then had to get it back on him at home. The cat responded to this travesty of proper behaviour by enacting his masterplan of vengeance: peeing everywhere and knocking over plantpots like a teenager in a tantrum.

So, the cat hates us all and clearly has other revenges in store. I take him back to the vet this evening and please God she'll tell me he doesn't have to wear the instument of torture anymore because he is clearly miserable and cranky. Not only must he stay indoors but he has to look like an alien too.

And I don't want that face up there looking at me again!

And will be some more.

This weekend is P-Con, so I will be there, for the most part. This weekend is also [ profile] e_w_h 's birthday so I will be at his party on Saturday night as well. And staying overnight in parents. There is a fair amount of running around to be done anyway, and child-wrangling.


For some reason my stress levels have gone through the roof lately. Its a combination of many small things rather than any one biggie, but its irritating the hell out of me as I have now graduated to those ridiculous dreams where you keep thinking you've woken up, but you haven't. I'm trying to ignore things. Not sure its working.


We watched Quantum of Solace last night, which wasn't as bad as I was led to believe, but I really couldn't* buy the villain in his flowery shirts. And as for the theme song... *shudders* I am one of the few people in the world it seems who liked the Chris Cornell one for Casino Royale, but this... uh... nothanksbyebye.

*eta: Couldn't buy the villain in a flowery shirt, I had "could", probably was half asleep when I typed this. He was not a James Bond villain. Sorry. Not at all. Blofeld and Goldfinger would never have allowed him in the club.


I have no news. I started working on Moy Tura Echoes again last night. I thought I had gone wrong with a scene and should have killed off a character, but when I went back to look it turns out I still need him. This is not to say he will be safe for much longer. but for a little while. That said, there are already two characters slated to die towards the end so another might be overkill (Ha! Pardon the pun).

Another thing I have to do is write an article on Fantasy Worldbuilding before the 5th, which I would like to do without repeating all the things I've said about it elsewhere. This might be the tricky part, mainly because when I sit down to write about a subject I tend to forget whatever I've written on it before and before I know it... identicle article. So I want to have a long hard think about it. Sometime. When I have some time. Which I won't. Suspect I will sit down on the 4th to write and forget everything I have ever written on the subject before and... well, you get the idea. Not that my theories have changed. I'd just like it to be fresh.


Also one of my colleagues just showed me this website. I am a cat person, sure, but sorry this is just WRONG!

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( Mar. 19th, 2009 02:34 pm)
But I will be going away soon, I promise.

Just wanted to let you know that the Book Trailer for The Scroll Thief is in the New Covey Trailer awards this month. I think you can vote. I am not sure how.

It was fun to make and contains the beautiful artwork by Anne Cain.

In other news I think I have (almost) everything sorted to be able to go to PCon this year, although I will have to run away on Saturday early as it is [ profile] e_w_h  's birthday. Can't miss that. But Friday night and Saturday day should be possible. Sunday... well, we'll see what happened on Saturday night, shall we? ;)

I have fine line edits in for Soul Fire which I will be turning my attention to shortly and blurb to tweak. I thought I was going to take some time off, but all I did was stress and eat so I'm back writing as soon as possible! MUCH healthier.

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( Mar. 30th, 2008 09:23 pm)
I had great fun at P-Con over the last two days. There were some fab and informative panels, lively debate and much handwaving.

I met up with [personal profile] theladywolf and [personal profile] irishkate and great was the multitude of the squeeing! In front of people and all. I also met a great number of new and fun people, including [personal profile] mizkit(tres cool). Many thanks to [profile] xnamkradand all the others for organising such a wonderful weekend. To paraphrase Neil Gaiman on coming away from my first con, I appear to have found my tribe.

Thanks also to my ever-wonderful husband who childminded and practiced baby-sitter wrangling over the weekend. He came in today for the "How to survive as the partner of a writer" panel which we both really enjoyed. He's just the best really. And Saturday was his birthday too. How's that for above and beyond the call of duty?

The proofs and author bio for Carrying Keptara went back along with a new author bio, which was "entertaining" to write. You know how there are some things you just find bloody difficult to write? This was one. But I had loads of help from my Divas Seeley and Chi. They rock.

And finally, in 6 year old son news, he got a yo-yo from Eddie Rockets (a diner chain) on Friday. It has lights and everything. I asked him what it did and he fixed me with that look (I've mentioned it before; that look, the one which says "why oh lord have you cursed me with such a dense mother?") and said "It Yos".

There you have it. How could I have been so misguided?


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