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( Nov. 15th, 2007 09:53 am)

I've been fixating so much on the novel, I missed the anthology challenge on LH. Well not missed, but as the deadline is tonight and I haven't written anything for it...

Yes, missed!

I got Old Friends (with its reworked opening) into the Polish Challenge though. Then hopefully I can send it out again. Where, I'm not sure yet. Somewhere.

Got to agree with kara_gnome. You can't do much better than Liberty Hall and Notebored for a writing site.

The novel is going well though: bear in mind it is a first draft but I have in and around 43,000 words, many of them drivel. I have about 5 scenes left to write (I think), there is the basis of a pretty smart plot (again, I think), and I will have to go back and do a considerable amount of editing and layering.

The word count sounds very short, but I'm not really bothered about that. There will be other scenes I need to add, existing scenes which seriously need fleshing out and another which I already want to rewrite! I left out large parts of description for example, to get on with nailing down the story first. I also figured things out as I went along, so there will be some retro-fitting along the lines of

me:"They're in the caves"
MC:"What caves?"
me:"The caves you never knew existed in walking distance of your home, in a forest that has suddenly quadrupled in size. Get over it and go save your love interest!"

and such like. But on the whole I have a great big mess to play with. I've stalled on typing and am just concentrating on writing it down. I love the feeling of writing longhand, but it is time consuming. I think I have come to the point of treating longhand as first draft, typing as second, and frantic printing and crossing out as third.

May be finished by the weekend? (the first draft I mean)

Then I will try to leave it alone and fail. Instead I will type it up pretending I am making it better. Then I will go back and fix everything I broke while doing this.

Writing 'sfun


I got a rejection for "Old Friends". Actually they dissected the story opening, which is not a bad thing - when I get over the usual rejection part of the thing it will probably be quite useful! One of the editors really liked it though, which is good. The rest of them hated it!

Still. Boo, hiss. :D

I've got a new phrase = "rejection mourning"

Back to work on the novel.

Just sent "Old Friends" out again so fingers crossed. It's a bit longer than this magazine's usual thing, but I queried and they said they'd like to look so off it goes!

Meanwhile the newly edited (and 1,000 word lighter) "The Wolf's Sister" has gone up in the Polish Challenge on LH. It will be very interesting to see what they make of it. I had a great time today reading all the other entries. Suffice to say my poor old thing doesn't stand a chance, but I've already got a good suggestion - splitting it into mini "chapters" to make the size more manageable - which I've implemented. 

Other than that, I'm exhausted and probably going to head to bed now. I might do a bit of writing longhand, but then again, I might just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

Seriously. It's a lot better, but the cautionary tale for all is when you have a niggly cough for a long time do go and get it sorted out by your GP and don't think it will go away by itself because it won't. It'll hang around and irritate your chest until you can't get rid of it, can't breathe properly and pass out if you do too much.

I got back to work yesterday and was generally met with people going "Are you sure you're ok?"

I did a fair bit of editing last night, taking a pen to both The Wolf's Sister and Old Friends. Having taken them apart, I hope to try slotting them back together this evening. I will also be writing more of the romance - tentatively titled To Regain Heaven. Moy Tura Echoes is getting some fresh critting on NB and seems to be going down well - yay! People like the way I write Maeve, which is worrying, to say the least. :D She's not nice.

Now I am off to do a crit (or part of a crit) before my tea break is over. Then it is back to cataloguing Italian Mariology books which came in from the Marianum. I now have really useful phrases if I ever get back to Italy such as "La Vergine Madre nella Chiesa delle Origini" and "Nuove prospettive della mariologia". Yay! 

On the other hand, I don't have to move around much, so not much chance of unconsciousness. :D

It will get better. It isn't permanent. I can already feel improvement. Honest!

Here's just a quick link to Mike's site where he writes about the piece that has been accepted by Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).

All very exciting. I thought I would link back to Mike's site where he links here so it becomes and infinite circle that either drives everyone insane or destroys the world.

Speaking of which, my son is in work with me this afternoon so if I seem distracted... Nah, he's watching Ice Age on the library computer.

We went to a wedding in Galway this weekend. It was the first sunny day of the summer here. We has some problems. The kids stayed with most gracious relatives and we set off in (what we thought was) plenty of time. As it turned out Moate and the Galway ring road had different ideas. At 3.10 (heading for a 2pm wedding) we gave up and went to our guest house instead. We then joined the others at the reception. At least we made it that far!

Irish wedding receptions are strange affairs. Firstly, you always drink too much champagne. Always, even if you aren't drinking. By that I mean you cease to make sense and giggle a lot. Fortunately I was drinking champagne so at least I had that as an excuse. So we're all best friends with someone (a) your partner works with, (b) you haven't seen in over 10 years and only met by accident in college because you thought they were someone else (c) and the guy who works for a government watchdog committee who used to keep a very close eye on the company I used to work for. Seriously. I sat next to him, talked, asked what he did, said "oh, I used to work for a blah blah blah type company" and he said "Oh, you mean X" He was right! 

The food was lovely. The music was excellent, although possibly aided by the wine. And before you know it we're all on the dancefloor spinning around to the Proclaimers and the Pogues having forgotten that we are no longer 18 and People Will See!

The other thing I don't get about Irish wedding receptions. New York, New York.


It's not like the couple are emigrating there. (anymore)

So why?

But every wedding disco (and work christmas party, and new year's party) seems to end with everyone in a circle, arm in arm, with the happy couple (or random couple) in the middle while we do a chorus line impression to New York, New York


We all pretended to sing the national anthem and then The Irish Rover, which is apparently a cue to fling people left and right and pretend you can do Irish Dancing. 

Having forgotten that we are no longer 18 and People Will See!

Love Shack was fun, until the DJ (who was far too young to be doing this gig, and was using his Apple Mac anyway - as a child of the 80s, used to decks and large pieces of mysterious equipment, this totally freaked me out) cut to another song before the "Bang bang bang on the door" bit. A travesty!

Seriously though, this is my only complaint for the night. It gets the Most Fun Wedding award for this year. As I don't have any others lined up, it's kind of a shoe in.

Other than that, The Lost Rose will be up online at Haruah soon, (Yay!), I got a rejection for "Old Friends" from ASIM (boo!) and sent it out again to IGMS (um... there isn't really a word to describe the sound of fingers being crossed, although there should be).

And that's it for now.

I never let them hang around for long!


Now back to the Penitent!

Yes, the laptop is up and running and the sofa is lovely and comfortable.

Not a whole lot to report. No writing/editing done as such because the computer was otherwise engaged. And I was engaged in mindless television.

I still have the second half of the scene with the Pigeon Man to get down longhand - may have a stab at it tonight. May just go to sleep, of course. You never can tell.

Another rejection in, however, for "Old Friends" from Strange Horizons. This is a Tyria story, a portion of her past before A Dream of the West began. One day I will go back to that novel and make it work.

In the meantime I will have to find a market for "Old Friends" - logically it shouldn't be too hard - it's straight heroic fantasy with a strong female protagonist. Of course, it may be a bit more difficult if the story is actually pants.

Starting to desperately look forward to the holiday at the end of August. The weather here is dire - it is probably not much better in Brittany, but it does have the advantage of being in France! :D  Ah, food and wine - what more can I say! Soon, soon...

Flicking around the tv and found Vampirella, the movie. Wow, Roger Daltry can chew scenery! And Vampirella's costume is doing more acting than she is! I remember the comics really clearly, but not an actual plot line (there probably wasn't a plot line - the film definitely is lacking one!)

Anyway, time for bed methinks.  Yes, I should do many many things, but I'm sleeping and my brain stops working when that happens. I fought off a migraine earlier today and it has left me wacked out ever since. I sometimes wonder if I would be better off succumbing and withdrawing to a darkened room for several hours. However, when it strikes in work it does leave one vitally unanswerable question - if I have lost at least half of my field of vision, how do I drive home? Hmmm....

zzz zzz zzz Time to go....


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