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( Apr. 27th, 2009 10:29 am)
Saturday afternoon was lovely - chat and hot chocolate and even a glass of wine (or two for me) with [livejournal.com profile] ceindreadh , [livejournal.com profile] wyvernfriend ,
[livejournal.com profile] sciamanna and E. Afterwards went to Yellow Brick Road to get a crystal so I could make the Boy Wonder an Atlantean pendant (he has this book...)

Yesterday was mainly filled with food shopping and organising this week as[profile] e_w_h  is on a work trip. :(

I bought a number of ready meals (healthy ones) so I won't have to cook in the evenings and should therefore get some writing done. Allegedly. That said last night I watched 3 eps of Supernatural, edited the novella, sucknopsized it and then submitted it, so that was fairly constructive. Today the Boy is on another half day from school so I will have to scoot out early to mind him. I am so lucky I work where I do.

Hopefully I can hole up on the sofa and do a bit of writing today too. Fingers crossed...

Over on Gnattering.com, its Entertainment Thursday combined with a Thursday Thirteen on Keanu Reeves - actor or robot. 13 Keanu Reeves films, from worst to best. I've left out huge chunks. But these are the ones that stuck with me or will haunt me to my grave.

So come and play with the Shinys.

Today I discovered that it is impossible to buy a single cassette tape anymore. I eventually got a pack of 10. I need 1 for the Boy Wonder's piano teacher to record about 10 minutes of music. We may never need to buy cassette tapes again. Seriously.

Oh, and I saw one of the anthologies the alter-ego is in on the shelf in a major bookshop here. Yay! Turned it face out. Went back to admire again it a little later. Bookshop staff might think I'm wierd now.

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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:57 am)
to an R. Ah well, they happen.

The alter-ego* is having better luck with her short stories(sold one end of last week), I am having better luck with my longer ones. Strange isn't it? Perhaps the different genres suit the length at which I write. Or maybe, as [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  unintentionally quipped this morning, I'm just a "long" writer when it comes to fantasy. (Ha ha! *wipes tears of mirth from eyes*) The other stories - short, snappy, contemporary, no the identity is still sekrit so there - flow very easily. They're also usually short (max 6k, except for the novella but that was more paranormal so akin to fantasy). And in one sense I can't write them fast enough.

However, when I try to write short fantasy at the moment, while I come out with a story I might love (and in some cases LOVE) it just doesn't sell. Weird.

Is it the complexity of a fantasy (or urban fantasy or paranormal romance) world? I know I have stories that I tried to make short - honest to GOD! I tried - but just want to be long no matter what I do. Every reader comes back with - yeah, but it needs to be longer. *headdesk* 

I'm not complaining as such, but wondering why? It happens, I guess. Something at the planning stage. Something in the level of detail I like in a story.  Are there less people writing in the other genre? (errr... I think not). Are there more markets? (No, although I've found one particular market that likes my work).  Is one genre a tougher sell than the other? (Not in this market matey).

Or maybe the alter-ego is better than me???

Eep! *scurries off to work on craft*

(*this post has it's tongue firmly in its cheek)

I got my hair cut.

I mean CUT. Like about a foot of hair is gone.

I said on Facebook that I did a Bernice and had to add a prompt to explain that cryptic statement.

My daughter hates it, my son loves it, [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  is being very flattering. I love it! (Thought I'd better add that just in case anyone was worried). And yes it was drastic. But sometimes drastic is what it takes.

When I can get a photo where I have my eyes open I will post it, I promise. But I am not a good subject for photos. Really, I'm not. I tend to have my mouth open or in a funny shape, or my eyes closed. Or else they do that whole demonic red-eye thing. I prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it.

I'm still editing and still enjoying it. Tonight I need to work on a story for the alter-ego as its due in on the 2nd and I will be away from the 29th - 1st (and so far the plan is not... I repeat... NOT ...  to bring the laptop. If I can bear it.) While away I will try to edit The Wolf's Mate, do a bit of Moy Tura and sketch out part 3 The Wolf's Destiny.

Speaking of my Holtlands stories I got another lovely Google alert this morning: Romance Book Wyrm recently read The Wolf's Sister and gives her thoughts. Thanks Amy C.

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( Jan. 17th, 2009 10:52 am)
Just a quick post today.

Looks like I am going to be a bit swamped in the coming days.

I have crits which I am about to turn my attention to once I finish faffing about on the internet.

I'm in the middle of a short story which yesterday turned from a paranormal to the contemporary it actually wanted to be. Which is good because the market apparently prefers contemporaries at the moment. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] crystaljordan for the brainstorming! :) So I'm rewriting it.

In the mean time my edits for Soul Fire (To Regain Heaven that was) arrived. Among other things I have to either find a way to make Aoife easily pronouncible for an American reader or find another suitible name from Irish legends which is (that isn't Morrigan and Emer as I'm already using them). This particular Aoife is a villain. Any suggestions? :)

And sadly, we had a death in the family so I will probably be travelling to the UK at the end of next week. No dates as yet. Work, writing and renaming ancient Irish sorceresses will have to fall in around that.

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( Aug. 13th, 2008 03:29 pm)
So much to do.  Trying to plan it out. Failing miserably. A bit like all the plotting I have ahead of me.

I am meant to be writing on this holiday. There's a short story for The Alter-Ego (as she is fast becoming known) to be in by the beginning of September. There's the sequel to The Wolf's Sister. I'm trying to limit it to that and not allowing the 14 million plotbunnies that have started leaping up in the last day or so.

I finished editing a novella, also for The Alter-Ego and it is now with beta-readers. (Other reader/critiquey people - if you don't have it that's because I'm too embarassed to send it to you. :D If you have it, you know why!!!) I am quite pleased with it and its an advance in that area as it is 20k words instead of 6k and has more of a plot (well it would at that length, wouldn't it?)

My struggle to find books comparable to The Penitent continues. I have narrowed it down to a few and will be hitting the local library this evening to see if there are any copies in stock so I can borrow them and try to speed read on holiday as well as speed-write. Coz' like, I need another thing to do while I'm relaxing.

Don't worry. It's very easy for me to go to my happy place right now...

"2 days to a holiday"
Does no one else want to guess the song?


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