And will be some more.

This weekend is P-Con, so I will be there, for the most part. This weekend is also [ profile] e_w_h 's birthday so I will be at his party on Saturday night as well. And staying overnight in parents. There is a fair amount of running around to be done anyway, and child-wrangling.


For some reason my stress levels have gone through the roof lately. Its a combination of many small things rather than any one biggie, but its irritating the hell out of me as I have now graduated to those ridiculous dreams where you keep thinking you've woken up, but you haven't. I'm trying to ignore things. Not sure its working.


We watched Quantum of Solace last night, which wasn't as bad as I was led to believe, but I really couldn't* buy the villain in his flowery shirts. And as for the theme song... *shudders* I am one of the few people in the world it seems who liked the Chris Cornell one for Casino Royale, but this... uh... nothanksbyebye.

*eta: Couldn't buy the villain in a flowery shirt, I had "could", probably was half asleep when I typed this. He was not a James Bond villain. Sorry. Not at all. Blofeld and Goldfinger would never have allowed him in the club.


I have no news. I started working on Moy Tura Echoes again last night. I thought I had gone wrong with a scene and should have killed off a character, but when I went back to look it turns out I still need him. This is not to say he will be safe for much longer. but for a little while. That said, there are already two characters slated to die towards the end so another might be overkill (Ha! Pardon the pun).

Another thing I have to do is write an article on Fantasy Worldbuilding before the 5th, which I would like to do without repeating all the things I've said about it elsewhere. This might be the tricky part, mainly because when I sit down to write about a subject I tend to forget whatever I've written on it before and before I know it... identicle article. So I want to have a long hard think about it. Sometime. When I have some time. Which I won't. Suspect I will sit down on the 4th to write and forget everything I have ever written on the subject before and... well, you get the idea. Not that my theories have changed. I'd just like it to be fresh.


Also one of my colleagues just showed me this website. I am a cat person, sure, but sorry this is just WRONG!

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( Feb. 28th, 2009 10:31 am)
When you have a book launch you celebrate. We were given a lovely bottle of champagne.

When you have a book launch on Pancake day, you have pancakes.

Warning: trying to make said pancakes after drinking said champagne does not result in perfect crepe-like pancakes.

At All.

But it does result in giggles.

The kids, of course, wanted pancakes for tea, which they got and I put the rest of the mixture in the fridge with the champagne - for later. Ah yes, magic words. Kids went to bed. I chatted to people online, had dinner, drank half the bottle of champagne (hey, I had to share it with [ profile] e_w_h ) and then, at about 11pm we went... Mmmm pancakes...

Well, they were Mmmm.

In other news, if you're not sick of the "Me me me" yet (of course you're not. Don't even think such a thing!) there's an interview up on Amused Authors in which I whitter on talk about writing, inspiration, and why I write fantasy.

Hi all

I'm blogging about worldbuilding (er.. in more detail than I had thought) over on [ profile] stacia_kane 's blog

Please come and comment so I don't have a Jenny-No-Mates moment!

Pretty please?

With cherries?

1) A discovery from last night - it is difficult to make unbroken pancakes after half a bottle of champagne. I can make pancakes but they tend to get a bit mangled.

2) There is still time to enter the draw for a free copy of The Scroll Thief on my website - I haven't picked a winner yet, so come and have a go.

3) Romance Divas is having a wonderful workshop which starts today.

From the Call to the Bookstore

February 25th-26th at Romance Divas



Want to know what it takes to get from “the call” to the bookstore in New York publishing? Romance Divas is hosting a 2-day workshop with RITA award winning author Kristan Higgins, who can answer that question and many more! It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register.
Come, join the mayhem.

4) My hand is much improved but is still half red, with a lovely white band on my finger where my wedding ring was!

5) Battlestar Gallactica was good last night. (Yes, I'm rambling now).

6) I think I'm about to start another novel. The plot bunnies have been at me again. There's just no hope anymore.
Do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances start a chain reaction like dominos in the vicinity of your cooker which results your left hand being doused in the contents of the simmering coffee pot. Even if you are right handed.

My Sunday morning. What fun.

It's not too bad now. Still red and sore, a tiny bit swollen but I got it under the cold water tap right away. I can sort of type not. --now, I mean now! See what I mean? Only grateful the kids weren't in the room when it happened.


In other news (and thank GOD there is other news) British author Nell Dixon has an interview with me up on her My Space page. Nell's book Animal Instincts releases in March and is already attracting a lot of attention, so isn't she a star to take time out for me? The Scroll Thief releases tomorrow. The countdown is on.

Um... I'll just be over here hyperventilating in the corner.

*of course this should apply to everyone. But trying to write after doing this... er... doesn't really work that well...

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( Feb. 12th, 2009 01:16 pm)
From my daily email -

froward \FROH-werd\, adjective:

not easily managed; contrary

The mule is a froward animal.

c. 1300, Old English fromweard "turned from or away," from from + -weard. The opposite of toward, it was Latin pervertus in early translations of the Psalms, and also meant "about to depart, departing," and "doomed to die."

The "doomed to die" bit intrigues me.

Anyone else got any unusual new words recently?

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( Jan. 24th, 2009 08:13 pm)
This week so far I have edited

a short story and shined it up like a shiny thing

checked a fine line edit on a novella and passed it back - all is well.

and I'm now editing Soul Fire (formerly known as To Regain Heaven). These are first round edits, always fun, so as well as all the grammatical bits I'm into "should the name change", "should this be capitalised" and "What does this mean?"

I might sound like I'm moaning (I'm sleepy, cold, cranky and possibly coming down with something) but I'm not really. I love this part. Absolutely adore it. Because this, to me, is the time when the bare stone of the story starts to get that final finish. This ia part of my writing as a sculpture analogy - where the first (and even second or third) draft is the roughing out, and this part is the details, the sanding, the polish, the finishing of the piece.

Now I love the first part, the creation of the story itself, but now, with a wonderful editor's help, the rough shape becomes much more and begins to shine.

There are a number of other stages to come, other rounds of editing (I think we ended up doing 5 on The Scroll Thief in the end), but this time, the first time, is so much fun!!!
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( Nov. 10th, 2008 09:49 am)
Here's a something you don't see everyday - Angela James of Samhain's interesting blog entry

Don't you want to make an executive editor happy for Christmas?

And Romance Divas are having a Historical Romance Workshop this week...

And happy birthdays to [ profile] allichaton , [ profile] aliettedb and [ profile] wolf_dude64 


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