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( Jan. 16th, 2008 09:43 am)
No news from ABNA. The list of semi-finalist is up and I can't find my title in the SF/Fantasy section, so that's not a good sign is it? Also no email from Amazon one way or the other. Apparently, from reading briefly in the forum, there are both acceptance and rejection emails but not for me.

So, thanks for all your good wishes, my friends. Guess I'll be looking elsewhere. :D Now where did I put that lottery ticket...

Ah well, back to the grindstone.

The sequel.  Because sequels sell.

No news.



or why do I do this to myself?

With less than a day to go (19 hours according to the clock on the official website) until the customer voting begins on the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest, I am now officially starting to get the gitters.

I've been studiously taking my mind off this with things like puzzlebox and the P&E poll  but sometime in the next 24 hours I will find out if the Penitent has made the 1,000 in the semifinals. Not nerve-wracking at all! No sir!

IF it has I will pester you all remorselessly, relentlessly and "ruth"lessly (ha, ha!) so I apologise in advance. The issue of whether people who have not bought something on Amazon.com (as opposed to .co.uk, .fr, .de etc) will be able to download the excerpts and vote has yet to be cleared up, but I expect I will be able to tell you pretty quickly as it is the first thing I will try.

IF I get through!


How will my fingernails survive?! Tune in tomorrow!

(And if tomorrow you sense a sullen silence, you'll know I didn't :D)

Fingers crossed for me guys!

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( Nov. 13th, 2007 10:57 am)
 I got my email from ABNA this morning (00:58 this morning - if anyone can work out what time that is in their own part of the word they are doing much better than me!) I reckon it was sent at close of business effectively.

The good news is, the novel is eligible for the competition.

The bad news is, I have to wait until January 15th to find out more. Or realistically, the 16th! :D If I make it through to the semi finals at that point, I will ruthlessly (ha ha, get the pun?) hound everyone in the world for votes! No, seriously. You're going to end up hating me!

Em, I doubt I 'll be very good at this. Does anyone want to be my campaign manager? :D

Anyway, that's the news. I am relieved. And the obscenely obsessive compulsive email checking can now fall back to its normal obsessive compulsive levels.

Other than that, nada!

The email stating whether submissions to the ABNA competition is due at some point today. Actually the mail said "By" the 12th, but who's being picky. Problem is...

Guess what I am doing?

Yes. Checking email. Constantly! And the ABNA website, which is full of lots of people going

"Haven't heard anything yet. Have you?"

"No. Nothing yet. What about you?"

"Nothing here, either."

I promised myself. I really did. I said that way madness lies and swore I wouldn't.

Yet here I am. Grrr...

Captain Impatient Pants has a lot to answer for. As for Captain Paranoia on the other shoulder...

*sigh* I'm going to try to catalogue some more. And not look. I don't want to look.

The main annoyance is there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I mean, this only means I got the margins in the right place and remembered to take my name out. Which I did. I think. See what I mean about Captain Paranoia? It isn't even part of the competition!!! 

Anyway, calming down for two minutes. I have things to do. Which don't involve checking gmail. No sir. Absolutely not going to do that!

Well, the receipt for ABNA arrived today, so they have my files and I am in. Around about the 12th November I should hear if the content and format are all in order. If they aren't there will be some severe kicking of myself going on, but there's nothing I can do there now. My husband is so supportive. He's all on cloud nine now as he told me to sub to ABNA as soon as it came up, which I did, and the next morning all the places had gone. Good, good husband, with lots of faith. :D Let's hope its rewarded!

The whole thing got me thinking about submissions and all the rest. My focus has definitely shifted back to novels of late. I keep intending to sub to anthos or particulary markets, but at the same time the broader canvas just seems to beckon. Now I am talking about writing to write, not writing to be published which are two very different things. I'm not big on writing to be published as a rule. The story or poem usually comes off as contrived. We see it all the time at Haruah. The "literary" part gets ignored and you end up with in your face point thumping which really irritates me. I want to read a story, experience something along with the characters, get lost in the lyricism of a beautiful poem. Not a lecture. 

That said, when it comes to anthologies, you need to follow the guidelines. (When it comes to ANY submission, you need to follow the guidelines!) But I have noticed that most of the ones I have looked at recently are actually pretty broad, leaving it to the writer to create, which is what writers should do best.

I really must get back to doing some Flash challenges, or Short Story challenges soon. I need to get cracking on The Wolf's Sister and try to tie it back together after the extremely useful LH crits. Lots to think about there, but it was well worth doing. Thank you to all who looked!  Sorry it was so long.

Moving ahead with To Regain Heaven. Nearly at the end of Chapter 7 now. First crits back in on Chapter 1. Lots to do I guess. If only I could shift the headcold I could stop using it as an excuse! One of my problems with gaging the length is that I write longhand and then have to type it up. I can be MUCH further along with what I have written than with typing (part of the way through chapter 3 I think) because writing is more fun than typing and typing quickly turns into editing. And that way madness lies. 

I was about 7,000 on the laptop. But I estimate about 17,000 longhand (by counting pages, and having an average word per page). Really should type more, shouldn't I?

A lot of people don't like getting early crits on a WIP, but I do. It helps me to gage where it is going and what else I need to bring out in the story. Of course, you really need people to understand that the piece is a very early draft - they type of thing you could only show to those you trust. That doesn't always work I guess, but on the whole I am lucky with my crit group.

I have a couple of pieces out, a couple of things to prepare for sending out, and one or two to go "What am I going to do with this?"

Then Moy Tura. Hmmm.... There really aren't enough hours in the day, are there?

Anyway, enough waffling on for now. There's cataloguing to be done. Yes, in Italian! Yay!


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