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( Apr. 3rd, 2009 08:55 pm)
I've just signed the contract for The Wolf's Mate, the sequel to The Wolf's Sister.

We're talking about releasing 1 & 2 as a single print volume after epub, and then my writing the third part as a short novel! More details as and when I have them.


We've just finished a chinese takeaway to celebrate, are enjoying a nice pinot grigio and watching Ladyhawk. It's still wonderful. I saw it in the cinema when it was first out. And I've seen it since, but not for a while. it still hold up, the humour is lovely, the hawk and the wolf... well I have a soft spot for birds of prey and wolves. And oh my, the music is SOOOOOOO Alan Parsons Project (which is understandable when you know who did the score! I keep annoying [profile] e_w_h  by singing Eye in the Sky and bopping up an down!)
This made me laugh so loud I scared the children - "Everything is amazing right now, and nobody's happy"

(Can't embed it. That makes me sad, but its sooooooooo worth looking at. It's so true. "Give it a second! It's going to SPACE!")

In other news, heard back on The Wolf's Mate and I have some rewriting to do. The good news is, there are some brilliant suggestions (of course) there so I'm kind of itching to get started now. It does mean I have to rearrange some of the things I had planned to do and some projects will have to be posponed, but hey! Everything is amazing right now, and I've decided I'm very happy. :)

I got my hair cut.

I mean CUT. Like about a foot of hair is gone.

I said on Facebook that I did a Bernice and had to add a prompt to explain that cryptic statement.

My daughter hates it, my son loves it, [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  is being very flattering. I love it! (Thought I'd better add that just in case anyone was worried). And yes it was drastic. But sometimes drastic is what it takes.

When I can get a photo where I have my eyes open I will post it, I promise. But I am not a good subject for photos. Really, I'm not. I tend to have my mouth open or in a funny shape, or my eyes closed. Or else they do that whole demonic red-eye thing. I prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it.

I'm still editing and still enjoying it. Tonight I need to work on a story for the alter-ego as its due in on the 2nd and I will be away from the 29th - 1st (and so far the plan is not... I repeat... NOT ...  to bring the laptop. If I can bear it.) While away I will try to edit The Wolf's Mate, do a bit of Moy Tura and sketch out part 3 The Wolf's Destiny.

Speaking of my Holtlands stories I got another lovely Google alert this morning: Romance Book Wyrm recently read The Wolf's Sister and gives her thoughts. Thanks Amy C.

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( Jan. 10th, 2009 11:02 pm)

x 3

1. I have a 35k manuscript.

2. I wrote 5718 words today.

3. I'm finished The Wolf's Mate!!!!!!!!!

You know the image of trying to put an octopus in an orange net making sure that none of the tentacles poke out of any of the holes?

This is trying to write the end of Moy Tura Echoes.


(and to a lesser extent The Wolf's Mate - now try doing both of them at once *double sigh*)
I'm doing some final edits for The Scroll Thief at the mo'. Well, not actually at the mo' you understand, but in general. These came about because my editor suggested to the Executive editor that she read the book, and editors being editors...

Not that I mind. The amusing part really is that a section which was taken out, then put back in, has now been taken out again. It's one of "those". So now its gone, or at least mostly gone as parts of it have been spread over other parts of the book. But it's mostly gone. I seem to have an obsession with the word "Then" which I never noticed before, so the "Then" have also been expunged. I'm almost done. I hope. Until next time.... no, seriously. I'm almost done!

Then I have the sequel to The Wolf's Sister to do - The Wolf's Mate. I actually have a chunk of this written so hopefully it won't take too long. This is not my problem.

Oh no. The problem IS that [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  told me about a dream he had the other night and then the plot bunnies got to work and I now have the makings of a space opera/dystopian SF epic* running around my head. Where I honestly don't want it to be right at this moment in time. Last time this happened (as you may recall) my alter-ego had to write a 90k novel in about 6 weeks. It's not on, I'm telling you! I can't do it now. I have other things to finish! And I may just die of exhaustion.

Out, out damn plot bunnies.

Good God, first its Spanish vampires, then its demons angels and psychics, and now it's resistence movements, underground railroads and totalitarian dictatorships! And wiped memories, resistence leaders, undercover operatives, lost lovers, love triangles, drug related counter intelligence, even perky teenagers....

Help me, help me!

Plotbunnies are BAD.


*Even more amusing in that apart from the "epic" bit, I DONT WRITE THESE SORT OF STORIES....

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( Sep. 15th, 2008 12:02 pm)
Things I have discovered this morning: Vistaprint does not make things easy for anyone.


Great weekend

I met a writing friend in Dublin on Saturday at the wonderful Epicurean Food Hall. We had hot chocolate and talked for almost 2 hours! My throat was sore when I got home so I have a suspicion as to who did most of the talking! :D

On Sunday we took the kids to see Swan Lake at the National Concert Hall, performed by the Russian National Ballet. Wonderful production! E_W_H won tickets on the radio. These were central seats in the front row of the balcony. We chanced our arm and all went in, managing to pick up two additional seats which were more or less the front of the stalls, almost central. Armed with a normally talkative child each we split up. I took the beloved son up to the balcony while E_W_H and darling daughter took the stalls. I have to say watching a ballet with an almost 7 year old boy is interesting. I answered lots of questions, such as the usual "Who's he?" and "Why's he doing that?" to the more esoteric "Why aren't they talking?" and my favorite "Why is everyone dancing?!"

Hissing "Because its a ballet!" at him got me a very funny look.


I did a little work on The Wolf's Mate but I am trying to take a bit of a break this week because
(a) I finished the edits for The Scroll Thief and felt like my brain had been fried
(b) my CP Elaina (*waves*) is currently in nightmare edits trying to get a requested ms out to an agent when the characters keep changing the end on her so I'm trying to help on that
and (c) I got The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay on Saturday - the only book that could make me put aside Marion Meade's biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, if only temporarily. Seriously, both are wonderful books. I normally find biographies very dry (prefer autobiographies) but Meade makes Eleanor and her world come to sparkling life. Her descriptions of processions, banquets and battles are fabulous. But GGK is GGK and after reading the Fionavar Tapestry within a week I am Hooked (yes, with a capital H)

That said I have been scribbling away longhand and Shan and Jeren have reached their first black moment. The first of many I fear. My concern with this story is that it is potentially more her story than his and I don't want to see him relegated to standing around in the background (impressive though his pecs may be). There needs to be a balance. Also at the moment there is far too much standing around talking.

A couple of Moy Tura ideas have started to percolate again, so I hope soon to write some more there as well. But I dont want to push it and have the characters clam up on me again. They're stubborn that way.

eta: I updated the book trailer to include the cover and various helpful suggestions. Almost forgot to embed it!
Today I am back to work, which is lovely. In my absence almost all the work has been done on the new case for the rare books - all the dusty, woodshavingy, banging part of the process - which leaves me to over see the final stages - gap filling, shelf spacing. For this I am happy. Soon all our rare books will have a new, safe, visible home. This is a good thing because contrary to popular opinion rare books like to be seen. They like to show off. "Look at me, I'm from the 15th century", "Yeah? Well I've got copperplates depicting the garb of the priesthood in the time of the first temple", *another book arrives* "What do you think of my original maroon morrocan cover?" *First books shuffle off grumbling and casting glares over their shoulders*

Sorry, own little world there for a moment.

My point, if indeed I had one, is that if books are locked away, never handled or examined, nasty things happen to them. They turn bad and plot to take over the earth. Things like mould, and damp and bookworm. Ever seen what bookworm does?

Or you could try

Bookworm is bad. There are many other bad things that can happen to a book, many of which can be resolved, but a basic rule of thumb is when something is eaten, you aint getting it back.

So the rules for today is: new bookcase good, bookworm bad.


[livejournal.com profile] peadarog had a very interesting post here about the relation of genre and literature which on the whole I agree with. I'd go so far as to sum it up as Genre excites, Literature resonates, hense the two are not incompatible. Does this mean literature is more about language than story? In some cases definitely. I still find it amusing that people like Shakespeare and Dickens, held as an inviolate part of the canon of the literary school, would have been the genre writers of their day. That they happened to write beautifully was an aside. What they wrote was largely disposable fiction. Makes you think, huh?


I also noticed in Dunnes Stores yesterday a large number of mummies with their seasonal shopping club vouchures running amok because they did not have children (for they are back at school), buying all the things they couldn't get near for the whole summer holidays. Like lampshades, vases, female clothes, shoes... I was among them. Two new lampshades, which then unfortunately translated into a trip for e_w_h to Woodies later that evening to buy new lightfittings as those in place were falling apart. Oh little details. Don't bother me with details. Can't you see I'm shopping? Without children?!


So that's about it for random meanderings today. I should have edits on The Penitent shortly, and some more blurb work. I wrote some more of The Wolf's Mate last night and I subbed again To Regain Heaven yesterday. (I hate it when novels just sit there on your hard drive, doing nothing but distracting me.) I have a pite of crits. I will get to them. I promise. *sigh*

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( Aug. 13th, 2008 03:29 pm)
So much to do.  Trying to plan it out. Failing miserably. A bit like all the plotting I have ahead of me.

I am meant to be writing on this holiday. There's a short story for The Alter-Ego (as she is fast becoming known) to be in by the beginning of September. There's the sequel to The Wolf's Sister. I'm trying to limit it to that and not allowing the 14 million plotbunnies that have started leaping up in the last day or so.

I finished editing a novella, also for The Alter-Ego and it is now with beta-readers. (Other reader/critiquey people - if you don't have it that's because I'm too embarassed to send it to you. :D If you have it, you know why!!!) I am quite pleased with it and its an advance in that area as it is 20k words instead of 6k and has more of a plot (well it would at that length, wouldn't it?)

My struggle to find books comparable to The Penitent continues. I have narrowed it down to a few and will be hitting the local library this evening to see if there are any copies in stock so I can borrow them and try to speed read on holiday as well as speed-write. Coz' like, I need another thing to do while I'm relaxing.

Don't worry. It's very easy for me to go to my happy place right now...

"2 days to a holiday"
Does no one else want to guess the song?
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( Jul. 13th, 2008 10:50 am)
Well, actually the round 2 edits on The Wolf's Sister have already gone back which is cool and really really scary. There wasn't very much the second time around. A couple of things we'd missed and one or two caused by the first round edits. But I got the whole lot done in one sitting which stunned me.

So now I'm at a bit of a loss. I have things to do but I'm a bit bewildered and not quite sure which to plunge into next.

I did write a little of The Wolf's Mate last night though. That's something.

And I have two crits to finish today. Um-hummmm.... better make that a priority this evening! :D

Think we're going to the National Garden Exhibition Centre later on. It would be nice to get out for a walk too. But now the laundry needs to be put away.

ah, the glamour!


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