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( Jan. 30th, 2008 12:22 pm)
 The Lost Rose came 9th in the P&E 2007 Poll for Mainstream story!

You can read the story here: http://www.haruah.com/item.php?sub_id=2494

I get this!

Not sure what else to do with it, but YAY!

The Lost Rose went up on Haruah today. Yay!


Went shopping, bought shoes! :D Happy day.
The proof for The Lost Rose arrived from Haruah today. It looks pretty good. It should be up fairly soon. I will post a link then.


I've been critting this morning and trying to fend off the advances of the terrible twosome who keep wanting food! So far breakfast has consisted off Weetabix, an apple/banana and yogurts. Aren't kids bottomless pits? Oh no, sorry that should have been "Aren't kids fun?"

Not sure what we are planning for today. Probably some shopping and then time spent with family. I think we'll try to take it pretty easy.
Here's just a quick link to Mike's site where he writes about the piece that has been accepted by Poor Mojo's Almanac(k).

All very exciting. I thought I would link back to Mike's site where he links here so it becomes and infinite circle that either drives everyone insane or destroys the world.

Speaking of which, my son is in work with me this afternoon so if I seem distracted... Nah, he's watching Ice Age on the library computer.

We went to a wedding in Galway this weekend. It was the first sunny day of the summer here. We has some problems. The kids stayed with most gracious relatives and we set off in (what we thought was) plenty of time. As it turned out Moate and the Galway ring road had different ideas. At 3.10 (heading for a 2pm wedding) we gave up and went to our guest house instead. We then joined the others at the reception. At least we made it that far!

Irish wedding receptions are strange affairs. Firstly, you always drink too much champagne. Always, even if you aren't drinking. By that I mean you cease to make sense and giggle a lot. Fortunately I was drinking champagne so at least I had that as an excuse. So we're all best friends with someone (a) your partner works with, (b) you haven't seen in over 10 years and only met by accident in college because you thought they were someone else (c) and the guy who works for a government watchdog committee who used to keep a very close eye on the company I used to work for. Seriously. I sat next to him, talked, asked what he did, said "oh, I used to work for a blah blah blah type company" and he said "Oh, you mean X" He was right! 

The food was lovely. The music was excellent, although possibly aided by the wine. And before you know it we're all on the dancefloor spinning around to the Proclaimers and the Pogues having forgotten that we are no longer 18 and People Will See!

The other thing I don't get about Irish wedding receptions. New York, New York.


It's not like the couple are emigrating there. (anymore)

So why?

But every wedding disco (and work christmas party, and new year's party) seems to end with everyone in a circle, arm in arm, with the happy couple (or random couple) in the middle while we do a chorus line impression to New York, New York


We all pretended to sing the national anthem and then The Irish Rover, which is apparently a cue to fling people left and right and pretend you can do Irish Dancing. 

Having forgotten that we are no longer 18 and People Will See!

Love Shack was fun, until the DJ (who was far too young to be doing this gig, and was using his Apple Mac anyway - as a child of the 80s, used to decks and large pieces of mysterious equipment, this totally freaked me out) cut to another song before the "Bang bang bang on the door" bit. A travesty!

Seriously though, this is my only complaint for the night. It gets the Most Fun Wedding award for this year. As I don't have any others lined up, it's kind of a shoe in.

Other than that, The Lost Rose will be up online at Haruah soon, (Yay!), I got a rejection for "Old Friends" from ASIM (boo!) and sent it out again to IGMS (um... there isn't really a word to describe the sound of fingers being crossed, although there should be).

And that's it for now.

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( Jun. 24th, 2007 09:02 am)
... has been accepted at Haruah!

Which is good news. I love this story and am very glad to have finally found a home for it. I'll add a link when it is up. Yay!

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( Jun. 14th, 2007 10:01 am)
I'm all up and down again.

Got a rejection from another agency on The Penitent. Hmm... I know this is meant to be difficult, but really! 

Still no news on the myriad short submissions still out there which I am taking as a good thing. (Sort of...)

On the other hand, work is good - very busy and all gearing up for the annual lecture on Sunday. I have to do up a book list for that. Still have a pile of cataloging sitting on my desk too.

And I am now a slush editor at Haruah. Don't actually know what that means as yet, because I need someone to explain the system to me but I am very excited about it (always excitable). It adds a new dimension to The Lost Rose as it is on submission there. It's the old adage skewed to deal with editors, but subbed pieces have to be better than good and really really polished. Maybe I have just made things a lot harder for myself! Uh-oh.

Anyway, work calls. Better get some done. It does pay for everything else!

An interesting day today. I got The Wolf's Sister ready to post out in the morning and submitted The Lost Rose again, an online sub which is so handy!

I also got a mail from a friend asking if I would be interested in becoming a slush editor for her magazine. Gulp! Well, I said yes, heaven help us all!

My parents came to dinner and we talked about Brittany. We (the sprogs, the hubbie and I, not my parents) are going there in August to a place just south of Quimper. My parents and I went on a holiday there many (too many) years ago - I must have been about 6 perhaps, but I have very clear memories of Port Navalo (I think, we looked it up but that was a number of hours and half a bottle of wine ago!). I will have to go there and see what is real and what is imaginary. My son, who is 5, remembers things from a very young age. It's quite amazing.

This is going to be a short post as I am exhausted and it is later than expected. We watched Little Miss Sunshine this evening and I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in a very long time.


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