Yes, I've been playing with book trailers again. Here's the new one for Soul Fire.

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( May. 19th, 2009 09:58 am)
I can now show off the beautiful cover for my forthcoming paranormal romance novel, Soul Fire. The artwork is by Anne Cain and is, as ever, amazing. She's done it again, completely capturing Daire and Rowan as I imagined them.

Iron born and iron bred. Trust not iron, it will see you dead.

Rowan Blake could really use a magic wand to keep her struggling art gallery afloat. But the faerie key she stumbles across is far from a lucky charm. It's a magnet for danger, and by touching it she's unwittingly put herself in the middle of a war between the forces of light and dark. And in the arms of its rightful owner, Prince Daire.

While searching for his brother, Daire finds himself trapped in the Iron World with a mere mortal woman who ignites his passion like no other. Each stolen kiss deepens their attraction and sends him spiraling closer and closer to the edge of his inherent dark desires. Desires that act as a homing beacon for the Dark Sidhe, who are intent on forcing him to fight on their side.

The longer he lingers in her arms and in her bed the closer his enemies get to her door. And the greater the risk that the gateway to the Faerie Realm will shift, destroying not only his power to protect her, but his very life.

Warning: Contains enchantments, danger, some very scary monsters, a trip to the dark side and hot, soul-transforming sex with an immortal prince.

Read an excerpt online.

Soul Fire comes out on July 7th, 2009.

 Originally published at R. F. Long. 

It's Excerpt Monday time again. This was so much fun last month, I'm doing it again, this time with a scene that focuses on Malachy and Cerys in The Scroll Thief.

Originally published at R. F. Long.
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Very very exciting news today. I got the print date for my novel The Scroll Thief: a Tale of Ithian. It's going to be available from 1st December 2009. Actually in print. On paper! YAY!

Of course, its already available as an ebook if you are so inclined. :)
So excited. Can hardly type!

But that's only to be expected when your first novel comes out, isn't it?

Out Today.

“The Scroll Thief” by R. F. Long


ISBN: 978-1-60504-395-1

Length: Plus Novel

Price: 6.50

Publication Date: February 24, 2009

Cover art by Anne Cain

Love is the wiliest thief of all.

A Tale of Ithian

Malachy and his sister rely on his talents as a thief to survive the dangerous streets of Klathport, former capital of the once-great kingdom of Ithian. Stealing a few papers should have been a simple job. Instead, it nearly costs their lives and throws them into an improbable alliance with a shape-shifting official, a desert tribeswoman, and a healer of enchanting beauty.

Cerys is far more than a simple healer—and the roots of her mission go deeper into the past than anyone can know. She needs Malachy’s skills to recover a stolen scroll, one that can be used to rewrite history and, in the wrong hands, release the dark powers of the Demon Realm.

Her mission was supposed to atone for a dreadful, long-ago act. Instead, it unleashes a chain of events which sees them pursued through city and desert by the fearsome Dune Witch and a killer known only as His Lordship. Romance, tragedy, and adventure blend in a tale of a magical land on the brink of war, and five unlikely allies who, by putting their lives—and their hearts—on the line, have the opportunity to finally set things right.

But at a terrible cost.

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence and torture, captivating magic and beauty, two dashing heroes, three gutsy heroines, several love stories and a heartbreaking sacrifice.

Read An Excerpt Online


To celebrate I am giving away a copy to someone who comments in the post on my website - I want to hear those adventure stories from your childhood that you have carried with you ever since.
We're back and what a nice thing to come back to. Another great review for The Wolf's Sister, this time from Literary Nymphs.

"This author is new to me, and I’m pleased with the tightly constructed plot, smooth flow and nice job of describing the two races that are the focus of this story. Add in animal totems, vastly differing belief systems, death, anger, madness, betrayal and unexpected love and you have all the components needed for an entertaining afternoon read. I look forward to seeing where this series goes with the next release, The Wolf’s Mate."

And it got 4 Nymphs!!! Not sure where they are or what they are up to, but it certainly sounds good to me! :)
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( Dec. 31st, 2008 04:12 pm)
And I'm pretty sure no one is surprised.

Haiku2 for rflong
good to us this year
i remember the last day
of christmas shopping
Created by Grahame
Very fitting, very Yoda.

Did loads of sale-shopping yesterday, and sorted out the dud/empty box Christmas presents.

A very brief 2008... )

Feel like I've had my fingers crossed all year.

But yes "Good to us this year". I enjoyed 2008. Roll on 2009.

eta: because people have asked and I finally got my camera/laptop to cooperate without a blue screen of death... here are photos of the dollshouse we redid for our principessa (furnished with Sylvanian Families)
dollshouse photos... )
Happy New Year all.
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( Nov. 11th, 2008 01:50 pm)
The Wolf's Sister is available now from Samhain Publishing and various lovely eBook stores.

A love transcending race and culture…a secret that could cost everything.

A Tale of the Holtlands, Book 1

Elite Fey’na warrior Shan is driven only by hatred for Gilliad, the Lord of River Holt, the human responsible for the brutal slaying of his innocent sister. Vengeance will be his as soon as he can find a way to confront his enemy. His mind is set; his path chosen. Then he meets Jeren…

Jeren of River Holt flees for her life, desperate to escape the clutches of her brother, Gilliad, before his misuse of magic consumes what remains of his sanity. She finds safety and protection with Shan…but only so long as she hides her kinship with the Lord of River Holt. As they are pursued across the northern snow plains, their deepening trust turns to love.

A love that could shatter when he learns who, and what, she is.

All this and at only $3.50! Which is €2.20 or GB£1.78 (or thereabouts according to

Actually if you go to MBaM today its reduced too!

Of course if you'd like to swing over to my website I have a little competition all set up and ready to go...

(hint: read my ramblings, watch a lovely music video, read an excerpt and go riiiiiiiight down the bottom of the page...)

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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 10:54 am)

The Coming Soon page for The Scroll Thief just went up here which is really exciting. Check it out!

I love the warning…

And its only 9 days until The Wolf's Sister releases. It's all moving now.

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( Oct. 13th, 2008 12:03 pm)
Now that the ink has dried on the contract...

Samhain have accepted my paranormal romance novel "To Regain Heaven". (Or "To Regain Heave" as it became affectionately known due to my typos here.)  The title is changing to "Soul Fire" and it will be released in ebook next summer, probably July or August, with a print release  ten months following, in May or June of 2010.

Happy dance. Jumping elephants, bouncy bouncy song. Etc.  Join in with me!
I've just signed the contracts for my 100k novel The Penitent to be published with Samhain, the same publisher bringing out The Wolf's Sister in November.

The Penitent will release as an ebook early next year (between Feb and April) and then in print about 10 months later.


I've been dying to say something (and have to some people in private) but I got so paranoid and superstitious I couldn't and I had to wait until people came back from RWA and holidays and and and....

Alright, I'm waffling. But I'm happy. I have been trying to get this one out for SO LONG!

Definitely elephants for everyone!

(And I may have used up all of LJ's exclamation marks. Sorry!!! Oops, there I go again.)
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( Jun. 26th, 2008 02:25 pm)
My contriubtor copy of Ruins Metropolis arrived today.

Looks purdy.

Cue more happy elephant Peadar!

I'm at home today and tomorrow minding my son - translates as watching The Fantastic Four cartoon and simlar em... not terribly education television, or letting him play with teh internets. We would have gone out but the torrential rainpour put us off - while workmen dismantle our home around us. Well, not really. We're getting new windows in. Great day for it (rain rain go away). I'd planned some gardening, a trip to the library etc but we're hibernating instead and praying for sun.

But anyway, Ruins Metropolis looks great. Really looking forward to getting stuck into it. I think I will bring it with me on the trip next week.


Ruins Metropolis is now available from


My psuedo-Minoans are out there!

Well, actually it tried to arrive yesterday but I wasn't home and so had to brave the manky lane-way by the main post office to reach the delivery office and pick it up from the man behind the little window... (actually that could make a story in itself)

I got my issue of Flashing Swords Special Edition Summer 2008 (the magazine with more variant titles than a librarian wants to see on a Tuesday morning before her cup of tea.)

It's lovely and shiny! It's full of stories. All is currently right with the world.

And I now have my cup of tea. :D

*iz happy*
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( Jun. 2nd, 2008 09:28 am)
As [personal profile] rcloenen_ruiz noted on her lj my poem "After 39 days" is up at Haruah along with an interview with me!

I almost sound like I know what I am talking about.

Almost! :D

The Flashing Swords Summer Special 2008 is out today. This is only available until the end of September so hurry hurry hurry.

All in all over twenty tales and poems of sword and sorcery, articles and interviews, including my Celtic/Arthurian story "Elements". Loads of lovely stuff in here. What are you waiting for?

Here's the toc for good measure.

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( Apr. 7th, 2008 09:29 am)
I got the illustration that will accompany Elements in the Summer Special of Flashing Swords by the very talented A.R. Stone. This is a historical fantasy set in Ireland c. 450 A.D. (ish) and ties into some later legends with which you may be familiar. The Elements of the title are the powers which the sorcerers of the time employ - earth, air, fire and water - each person being keyed to one element and also the elements of a story which grow into a legend later on.

Here 'tis...


Edited to add: I made the image a bit smaller, but wanted to let you know the border is intricate celtic knotwork. Cool, huh? Well done A.R. Stone on a wonderful illo. I'm so chuffed!

The Flashing Swords Summer special will be available from June 2008, print only. And it is looking GREAT!
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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 10:02 am)
[ profile] ericreynolds has the TOC for Ruins Metropolis up here. I'm rather excited about this! :D Can't wait until its out!


In other writing news, I heard back from an agent last night. Not a yes, don't get excited. But a very pleasant and encouraging response to a query, with the comment that I might send in my urban fantasy (Moy Tura) and paranormal romance (To Regain Heaven) when they are ready as those fields are more to their interest at the moment. What an incentive to get some work done! Guess what I'll be doing from tonight on! :D


Very upset to hear about Heath Ledger. I remember watching Roar and he just sparkled in every scene. I only just found Ten Things I Hate About You in one of our moving boxes (where it has been for over a year!) and took it out the other night intending to watch it while Hubby is away. Sad now!


As my son told me the other night, its only "2 more sleeps" until my hubby comes home.


A couple of bits of news today. The print edition of Haruah 11-13 is out (Spring 2007). I have two pieces in it - Anything for Love (a kind of psycho ghost story) and Ushering the Soul (a poem). It also features Mike Munsil and some artwork by Rachel A. Marks and lots of other lovely lovely stuff...

I subbed Carrying Keptara to Ruins Metropolis, so we'll see how that goes now. Should be about a month, they said.

Other than that, I had a lovely weekend with friends and family. :D 

The Lost Rose went up on Haruah today. Yay!

Went shopping, bought shoes! :D Happy day.


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