Fascinating talk by Elizabeth Gilbert

Go and watch - she has a lot to say that makes a lot of sense.

But it does leave me with one question - the burning question... )

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( May. 2nd, 2008 10:22 am)
This may just be the slump after the many highs of the last week. But...

Last night my sister referred to me as "a middle aged woman".

My older sister.


Not impressed.

*double pout*

I said "Are you calling me old?" to which she replied "No, because that would have knock-on connotations."

But middle aged!!!

I will not proudly re-state for the record that I am still, and will most likely always be, sixteen in my head.

(I wish that made me slender, energetic and fun-loving, but I remember myself as a sixteen year old so... Nah, probably not. Maybe fun-loving. Who doesn't love fun?)

Anyway, got back into the Robert Emmett scene in Moy Tura Echoes last night and typed it up. Which is good. It has now made it to 45,532 words or 236 pages.

But I'm still sulking.

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( Apr. 25th, 2008 10:06 am)
 On printing up the novel and going through it "one last time" to look for typos, grammatical mistakes and mis-used words:

It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.
It's better to find them now rather than a week after I have sent it off.

It's going to be a stressful (long) weekend...

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( Apr. 13th, 2008 10:03 pm)
Better sell something quick! I just bought a new car!

and I think I might be getting arthritis in my right hand index finger. That's just not right, is it?


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( Apr. 4th, 2008 10:29 am)
I forgot that I was using actual computer word count.

Yup. I iz being prufeshunal writir!

Ignore all previous whining about the length of the novel. All is well.

(Although I may still expand a bit. It's just under 74k)

I really should think about what I am doing once in a while in terms of the REAL WORLD.
or why do I do this to myself?

With less than a day to go (19 hours according to the clock on the official website) until the customer voting begins on the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest, I am now officially starting to get the gitters.

I've been studiously taking my mind off this with things like puzzlebox and the P&E poll  but sometime in the next 24 hours I will find out if the Penitent has made the 1,000 in the semifinals. Not nerve-wracking at all! No sir!

IF it has I will pester you all remorselessly, relentlessly and "ruth"lessly (ha, ha!) so I apologise in advance. The issue of whether people who have not bought something on Amazon.com (as opposed to .co.uk, .fr, .de etc) will be able to download the excerpts and vote has yet to be cleared up, but I expect I will be able to tell you pretty quickly as it is the first thing I will try.

IF I get through!


How will my fingernails survive?! Tune in tomorrow!

(And if tomorrow you sense a sullen silence, you'll know I didn't :D)

Fingers crossed for me guys!

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( Nov. 30th, 2007 04:09 pm)
I should be writing!

This is what comes of having a social life!

This week my social life for six months is crammed into six days. Then I have a week off. Then another period of six months in a week. The lead up to Christmas is SO much fun.


ps I got this

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( Nov. 6th, 2007 01:10 pm)
 As in "In the horns of a"

There are too many things pulling me in too many directions at the moment. I'm not entirely sure what to do. The main thing is the new novel is spewing out of me at great speed. (Hmmm, hopefully that image doesn't reflect what is turning up on the page). And I am able to read again! Bliss! New books! On the other hand it is all driving out other things. Add health (or lack there of) into the equation and you can see why things are starting to go a bit belly up around here.

My own fault I suppose, but also I am the person who will have to deal with it.

I am tossing between going and not going to fencing. I need to cut back on my extra-curricula, but as it only amounts to one hour of writing time (if that, when you take into account home stuff), it isn't all that much. There are only five more classes (including tonight). AND I AM SO TIRED!!! On the other hand it always cheers me up. It is intimidating though, as I suppose a martial art should be (he! That came out as marital art the first time I typed it!)

So time management. Not my strong point. My other concern is when this thing is finished I will have to EDIT it. And there is still Moy Tura to get back to. And don't get me started on crits.

Anyway! It's lunchtime. Not only am I whingey today, I am hungry! Never a good combination.

Oh, and no responses to submissions. At all. Nada. Still. 

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( Jun. 30th, 2007 11:19 pm)
well... Ryanair mainly.

Or air travel in general.

We seriously discuss just getting the ferry and taking the car with us when traveling to the UK in future. We had a lovely visit with family, we even had a nice car from the rental company (a very very nice car as it turned out as I had underestimated the "Vauxhall Vectra or equivalent and we ended up with something equivalent to a limo by comparison to what we usually drive) but it is just SO MUCH HASSLE!!!!!!!

Quote of the week: "For every civil liberty we surrender, the terrorists win a little more". Yes, perhaps not a popular view. Fire away!

That said, "they" tried to blow up Glasgow airport today. I mean, GLASGOW AIRPORT????  Ok, if they are architecture students maybe, but...

Anyway, I don't do politics, especially when I am tired, it is late, I lost my mobile phone in an airport today, my daughter threw up, we all had massive rows, tried to get into a war of words with airport security over whether a handbag is considered as your piece of hand luggage (solution, from less bolshy airport security man: put it in your pull along - sigh! Logic!), I hate bucket-air travel and delays and... well, basically everything else associated with air travel in this day and age).

Boats! That's the way of the future. Big f-off boats!

And I missed the finale of the Dr. Who Series! Someone must pay for that. David Tennant, John Barrowman and John Sims. Missed! Home too late! Thanks to delays. And air travel.

Boats! From now on. Unless completely impossible! Due to seas drying up!

So, too tired to think. To peed off to be coherent anyway. So much writing to do and in a state so not doing it.

I'm going to buy myself a laptop though. that decision has been made. Sooner than anyone else thinks. Ah-ha!

And a new phone, of course. How I am going to retrieve all those numbers however is anyone's guess.

Tomorrow I may find the time and self control to sit down and tell you what happened in England.

Hmm... better go to bed.

Stress unloaded. Sigh. I do feel a little better. Then I think about the journey and I start to get angry all over again.



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