Do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances start a chain reaction like dominos in the vicinity of your cooker which results your left hand being doused in the contents of the simmering coffee pot. Even if you are right handed.

My Sunday morning. What fun.

It's not too bad now. Still red and sore, a tiny bit swollen but I got it under the cold water tap right away. I can sort of type not. --now, I mean now! See what I mean? Only grateful the kids weren't in the room when it happened.


In other news (and thank GOD there is other news) British author Nell Dixon has an interview with me up on her My Space page. Nell's book Animal Instincts releases in March and is already attracting a lot of attention, so isn't she a star to take time out for me? The Scroll Thief releases tomorrow. The countdown is on.

Um... I'll just be over here hyperventilating in the corner.

*of course this should apply to everyone. But trying to write after doing this... er... doesn't really work that well...

rflong: (The Scroll Thief)
( Feb. 17th, 2009 02:41 pm)
As a prelude (her words, not mine) to the release of The Scroll Thief on the 24th (this. day. week!) my good friend Jeannie Lin (who writes some of the most exciting historical asian adventure romance I've ever read) interviewed me for her blog.

Lots of worldbuilding stuff here. And some of my photos!

So here goes. Leave lots of comments so I look like I have friends, 'k?

From the lady who brought you "What Gwen said" and associated mugs, "Oh Goddess" by Gwen Hayes is out.

“Oh Goddess ” by Gwen Hayes

Read An Excerpt Online

ISBN: 978-1-60504-367-8
Length: Short Story
Price: 2.50
Publication Date: January 27, 2009
Cover art by Tuesday Dube

Born to protect women’s hearts, her own beats longingly for a mortal. Oops…

Ondina, one thousand years a goddess, doesn’t think much of mortal men. Probably because her sole purpose in life is to protect the hearts of women who don’t want to fall in love. And now one of those blasted men—Jack—has shattered her sacred chalice, trapping her in a mortal body.

Jackson Nichols, on the partner track at his law firm, is the first to admit he always follows his head. Never his heart. Dina is infuriating, messy, condescending, sexy, beautiful and…well, just about everything that doesn’t fit into his meticulously planned life.

Neither expects to find many redeeming qualities in the other. But when push comes to love, which will Dina choose? Her newly human heart…or one thousand years of duty?

*All author and editor proceeds from the sale of Oh Goddess will be donated to the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis. You can find out more about the foundation at

Warning: Recent studies show that consuming beverages while reading this story can cause damage to computer monitors, clothing, and sometimes nearby walls. Reader agrees to hold both Samhain Publishing Ltd. and Gwen Hayes harmless in case of accidental spewing caused by laughter.

Read An Excerpt Online

If anyone would like any, drop me a message via the livejournal messaging or at rflong AT rflong DOT com (I think you know what to do...) with your address. Someone might even get a pen as well. :) 

In the meantime just to let everyone know that I too have a blogspot account (, and there's a blog on my website ( Just in case the panic is for real. If LJ folds I'll be unhappy, but the web is transient so...

A review for The Wolf’s Sister is now online at PNR Reviews by Dee Gentle, PNR Reviews & Features Editor, Paraphernalia

and its a nice review too… “a wonderful start to the series”

Also up today is the almost infamous “ghost post” at Texty Ladies. I mentioned in my interview with Jane about various ghost sightings and she asked for more information. She opened the call last week to Texty Ladies readers and the result is up today. It makes for some interesting and spooky reading!


(x-posted from - comment there or here)

ps LJers - the bunnies are behaving and I wrote some of The Wolf's Mate last night. Yay!

Also edited to add: *drumroll*

Your results:
You are Padme
Princess Leia
Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Luke Skywalker
Boba Fett
Lando Calrissian
Qui-Gon Jinn
You try to be a good person,
but your boyfriend doesn't.
At least you look great.
(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)
Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Test
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( Nov. 5th, 2008 09:17 am)
It's never ending! :)

I did some interviews and promo a while ago so with only a week left, its all arriving at once. Don't worry. I'll pipe down again soon.*

Raine Delight posted an article I wrote on Fantasy cunningly entitled "Why Fantasy?" and another interview which also includes a different except of "The Wolf's Sister". Warning for those at work - there are some scantily clad ladies in the site header. Actually, that might be an enticement for some of you ;)

I also got a stonking review from the wonderful Ciar Cullen - I'm so thrilled about this one.

Long is a master at characterization. Deep characterization, in a short book. Madness, longing, love, desperation, motivation, hurt, betrayal–it’s all there for each primary character. Even Anala, my favorite character (a wolf). Sniff. Because the characters are so real, the relationships are believable. Somehow Long creates connections between her characters seemingly out of thin air. And then you connect–Shan is so loveable in a manly way that it’s heartbreaking when he gets into mortal danger.

I love her description–just enough to give you the sense of the cold fantasy world without boring you. I also loved the tone of this book–serious, a bit morose, deep, desperate. In contrast, the romance is uplifting and brings light to the story.



So I got a 4.5 out of 5 and I'm delighted. :)


*I'm lying. Ask [info]e_w_h
Quite often I get an idea about something to post here and then by the time I sit down to actually do it I find it has dribbled out of my sieve-like brain, driven away by whatever shiney object recently caught my attention. I remember a time when I had quite a good memory (I think!). I remember making very detailed lists about things. Probably about the same time I used to write out detailed character descriptions and never actually get around to writing their stories down.

I have been working hard recently and I know for a fact that tends to drive everything else out. [ profile] e_w_h  is tremendously patient with me because, seriously, sometimes its like early onset Alzheimers (I know, not something to joke about). And the kids... well I think they realise that mummy is a bit of a ditz and if you want something (like food) you really have to keep reminding her until she delivers. Kind of like my own childhood. My mother is an artist and if she went into the studio, unless you could feed yourself, the order of the day was to badger her until she came out. When my father retired they nearly divorced on the first day when he went up to ask if she wanted a cup of tea and then sat there waiting for her to make it! Well, he only did that once.

OMG, I may be turning into my mother...

But seriously, there is this problem sometimes with marrying real life and creativity. In my case, I definitely do hear voices (not in an I see dead people or pass the happy pills kind of way though). Characters become very real and alive to me, especially when I'm as deeply stuck into a novel as I am at the moment. (Just passed the 25k mark last night btw.) It's that point where they start to take on a  life of their own, when they start the "No, actually  I think I'd going to do this instead". J. Michael Straczynski wrote about this some years ago (I think on the lurker's guide to Babylon 5) when he was going to kill of the mad Emperor and had a character & subsequent plot line all lined up to do it. When the time came, however, another character, a most unexpected character, stepped in instead and said "No, actually, this I my role." I remember reading this at the time and it all started to make sense. Since then it has happened to me a number of times. Especially with Moy Tura. Talk about a bunch of characters with minds of their own.

Okay, its very easy to talk about characters like they're demented little demons over whom you have no control, but this for me is the moment when writing really springs to life, where it really becomes fun, no matter how terrifying it is when you realise they've slipped the leash and are off doing their own thing. This is the point where your characters have become real to you, and hopefully to your reader. This is the moment where you know they so well that your subconscious mind starts making connections about their actions that your conscious mind (with its nice neat plot and charts of how the story "should" go) would never do. Its when they become real to you, the author. It's when they almost make you crash the car.

Yes, a number of times these connections have happened when I am driving and that, my friends, is bloody dangerous. I've also missed motorway exits, taken wrong turns and ended up at the supermarket when I was going to someone's house.

I had this discussion elsewhere recently and a couple of people told me this never happened because their characters were fictional and only existed on paper. I have to admit, I found that very sad. I don't really want to write where it means I'm putting name tags on little bodies and pushing them around a prepared board. I love it when they run away. Yes, its scary and I give out. Yes, it can put me off a story for weeks *cough cough Moy Tura cough cough* until I can work out how to adapt to what they've done, but it is the moment of magic for me.

And luckily it seems to be happening more and more.

(actually I don't think I rambled half as much as I expected. But then again, I haven't reread it yet).

OH I remembered - The Wrecker's Daughter, in Ocean Magazine is out. D'oh!  Yes, I'm so good at this promo business.

Please join us at Romance Divas THIS WEEKEND!

Friday October 10th and Saturday October 11th, we will be joined by some huge names in fantasy and fantasy-romance for a workshop on what the difference really is between the two genres.

rflong: (The Wolf's Sister)
( Sep. 24th, 2008 11:24 am)
I'm a big fan of promo thingamies. You know, free pens, postcards, bookmarks etc. A sucker for them. I've been playing around on Vistaprint to make my own as well. Great is the excitement and mighty too the fiddling. Because it is fiddly. And a bit of pot-luck. How will they turn out? Haven't a clue. Not even when I ordered a printable pdf proof which I couldn't get to print (grrrrr..........)

With the various free offers (Remember, this offer may NEVER be repeated... until tomorrow) a bit of patience means all you pay for is the postage. (And maybe the unprintable printable proof).  And somewhere in my business cards I have a discount on that, I'm sure.

So, I am at play, effectively, in the world of graphic design, something for which I am totally unqualified. No different from book trailer design of course. And yes, it does serve as a distraction from writing, from working, and from all sorts of other things. But its fun and we all deserve a little fun.

Until I do bite the bullet, order them, wait for them and discover the great big GLARINGLY obvious typo in the middle of the blurb or something just as delightful!

So what this ramble is saying, is that I will soon have postcards, bookmarks and related promotional thingamies for The Wolf's Sister. And when I do, if you want one, I will send it to you. I may even have a draw for the free pen! :D Wanna play?

What's your favorite promo thingamy?

eta: Ordered the bookmarks last night. So now we just wait for the snail to bring them to my door... :D When they come I will post again and gather addresses etc. Talk soon

rflong: (Plotbunny)
( Sep. 11th, 2008 10:42 am)
So here is a question - what does a writer with a novella coming out in two months do when procrastinating from all the other writing/editing she is supposed to be doing.

Yes, she makes a book trailer.

Quite fun actually. Probably not the greatest ever made but the bug certainly bit me and I will be trying some more in times to come. (i.e. as soon as everything is approved for The Scroll Thief and I am twiddling my thumbs trying to think of things to do so I don't actually have to do work). I have to admit, everyone in my house is sick of the tune now, but I quite like it.

Do book trailers work? I don't know. I did buy one novella because I saw the book trailer and had I merely seen the cover I might not have so its worked for me as a reader. I am easily influenced and watch a lot of tv. But I don't have one of those paint roller thingies with extra edge rollers if you order now! But they do appear to be gaining in popularily. It's also a terrific way of doing some internet promo while you yourself are offline.

And hey, they're fun.

So, without further ado...

Feel free to comment. Yes, it is aimed at a particular market. Why do you ask? :D

eta: I wanted to add that I don't yet have the cover but when I do I will be changing this to include it. Any other tweaks will also happen then.
Ok, strictly not a review, but a post from Lee Reynoldson (Hearthweru) on the Flashing Swords section of SFReader (It still warrants an elephant though!). Elements is my short story which appears in the Flashing Swords Summer Spectacular, 2008 *

So as promised, I am quoting him everywhere!

Last night I read Elements by R.F. Long. Loved it. Great story and nice to see an Arthurian tale that owes more to the Mabinogion than French Romance.

This totally made my day. Thanks so much Lee!


*It's still available until the end of September folks.


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