4 glasses of wine (sounds good to me and I will emulate this evening!) out of 5.

"If you’re looking for an imaginative read then I recommend fantasy author R.F. Long! ... Arcane magic and shapeshifters keep the story a page-turner and twists are around every corner. Goddesses tend to do that, though."

I got my hair cut.

I mean CUT. Like about a foot of hair is gone.

I said on Facebook that I did a Bernice and had to add a prompt to explain that cryptic statement.

My daughter hates it, my son loves it, [ profile] e_w_h  is being very flattering. I love it! (Thought I'd better add that just in case anyone was worried). And yes it was drastic. But sometimes drastic is what it takes.

When I can get a photo where I have my eyes open I will post it, I promise. But I am not a good subject for photos. Really, I'm not. I tend to have my mouth open or in a funny shape, or my eyes closed. Or else they do that whole demonic red-eye thing. I prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it.

I'm still editing and still enjoying it. Tonight I need to work on a story for the alter-ego as its due in on the 2nd and I will be away from the 29th - 1st (and so far the plan is not... I repeat... NOT ...  to bring the laptop. If I can bear it.) While away I will try to edit The Wolf's Mate, do a bit of Moy Tura and sketch out part 3 The Wolf's Destiny.

Speaking of my Holtlands stories I got another lovely Google alert this morning: Romance Book Wyrm recently read The Wolf's Sister and gives her thoughts. Thanks Amy C.

Google alerts took its time, but I got a mail this morning with a link to a review of The Wolf's Sister.

"I haven’t read such a beautifully written tale in a very long time!...Author R.F. Long’s technique, descriptions, dialogue, and plot flow are superb. The seed of love grows with the characters and that element is what allows this story to shine because the external conflicts held that much more impact on the tale’s outcome. I’m impressed and I will definitely be reading more from this author!"

Thank you so much Natalie.

I was wrong.

Today I wrote.

Happy, happy thing!
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( Dec. 26th, 2008 04:29 pm)
Today my happy thing is my family, immediate and extended. For all they wind me up, hide my car-keys, pull all the Christmas Crackers first thing in the morning (boy-wonder and principessa - I am looking at you!), mix up the presents and drive me up the wall, I love them very very much.

The Principessa's reaction to Christmas morning: sneaking into our bedroom in the dark and whispering "there's a doll's house in my bedroom".

The boy-wonder's: coming in right past the present left by his bed without noticing and falling fast asleep between the two of us.

And playing with a laser pointer and a cat is great until the cat proves he is definitely a member of my family and refuses to play something he cannot win. He slunk off under the steps and refused to come out for hours until my mother was here to pet and cuddle him.

Yep, families are good.

Even if [ profile] e_w_h  hides my keys.

And thats the last day of happy things. I can be as miserable as I want tomorrow!

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( Dec. 25th, 2008 02:00 pm)

Mr. Claus has been very very good to us this year. I remember listening to this adaptation of The Lord of the Rings - I must have only been 10. I was given the cassette version for my 21st (the only thing I really remember specifically asking for - in a lush black box, each cassette with a gold inlay - just beautiful). [ profile] e_w_h  remembers when we were first married falling asleep listening to the tapes. What I especially like about this new version is the last CD which contains all the music. In the adaptation much of this music is cut by dialogue and fades in and out (as is right and proper) but its a joy to actually listen to it. Truly beautiful.

And yes, I can sing a lot of them because I listened to them so many times. I still think my favorite is Gil-Galad.

Christmas is good, full of family, life, noise and laughter. We weren't woken too early, and the brainwave of leaving our presents to the kids in their bedrooms for when they woke up garnered us about an hour of much needed sleep.

The dollshouse looks fab. When I can get the camera to stop crashing the laptop, I will post a picture. Now I'm off to incinerate a turkey and a ham.

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( Dec. 24th, 2008 09:05 am)
This says it all for today...

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( Dec. 23rd, 2008 03:53 pm)
Wow, I'm getting there.

Happy thing today was a trip to Dublin Zoo with the kids. The wolves were out in force, all lying around and passive until my daughter fell over and got upset whereupon they were all active and watchful. Not sure if they were concerned or saw her as prospective food, but it was cool. I have photos (though the ones of the wolves are probably not so great), but if I can ever get the camera batteries to charge I will add them here.

Also, The Wolf's Sister is up on the Sony bookstore. Even if I can't buy it there. But at least its there! :)

Actually it really bugs me that I can't buy from the Sony bookstore - it redirects me to Waterstones which is more expensive! :( But we are focusing on happy things here...)

And here now are the photos: Photos... )
Ok, strictly not a review, but a post from Lee Reynoldson (Hearthweru) on the Flashing Swords section of SFReader (It still warrants an elephant though!). Elements is my short story which appears in the Flashing Swords Summer Spectacular, 2008 *

So as promised, I am quoting him everywhere!

Last night I read Elements by R.F. Long. Loved it. Great story and nice to see an Arthurian tale that owes more to the Mabinogion than French Romance.

This totally made my day. Thanks so much Lee!


*It's still available until the end of September folks.
Poop poop

(to quote a certain toad)

Can you tell I'm rather happy?
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 09:46 pm)
Looks like I've got a hold on "The Wrecker's Daughter" from Ocean Magazine. SO flippin' excited about this. I hope it doesn't take too long. But hey, I only subbed it yesterday!!! A 1 day hold! I've never heard the like!

Very very happy bunny now.

Oh, and the kitchen photos have got to wait until tomorrow as it isn't finished yet...


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