This made me very very happy this evening...

I'm stuck right into May Queen right now - 28k in, which if it is actually going to be a 50k story (and not something longer masquerading as a 50k story until its far too late for me to do anything about it) is a very good way in. And its going kind of well. (Oh how I will probably regret those words this evening).

The finale of Bones is on tonight which I will have to watch with obsessive compulsion to see if Seeley dies. Tell me beforehand and I WILL have to kill you. No matter where you are. I'm sure he won't because... you know... new series etc. Then again, Supernatural played with that time and again.

The Paranormal YA workshop is on at Divas and is an absolute blast. Lots of fun, lots of info. All very interesting. :)


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