Well, I'm kind of in shock. I've just finished writing Moy Tura Echoes, all 95k of it. And its only taken 3 years (on and off).

Seriously, I think I am in shock. I thought I'd be excited, delighted, over the moon or something. Instead I'm just... not.

Maybe the joy will hit tomorrow. Maybe I know how much work I have ahead of me to whip it into shape.

But in the meantime. OMG. I'm finished.

Off to bed to collapse in exhaustion...

From: [identity profile] allichaton.livejournal.com

Wooooot! Huge, major congrats! I think a little shellshock is normal. It'll hit you eventually. *G*

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

Thanks. Still waiting and starting to work up next idea because MaNoWriMo isn't over yet! Eep!

From: [identity profile] namelessarchon.livejournal.com

I know just what you mean RF, I just finished my 135K edit and now I am like 'OMG, am I still a year away from putting this out for agents?' All this work and it just never seems to end. I wonder if I will ever get that 'awesome' feeling we should be having for all this labor.

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

Yep, I'd say a bit of editing is in order first... That might make me feel better. But I'm taking a break from it first to hopefully give myself a bit of perspective. That's the plan anyway.

From: [identity profile] theladywolf.livejournal.com

Congrats. That's a huge achievement. It'll probably just take a little time to sink in.

From: [identity profile] irishkate.livejournal.com

WOOOOOoooooooo hhooooooo

when can I read it,,,

no, wait first you need to sit back and look smug, then later you can edit...

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

You can of course, m'dear, but let me edit it first!!! Just to get rid of the embarrassing mistakes at least.

From: [identity profile] yolandasfetsos.livejournal.com

Yay! Congrats. You're probably too tired to be anything at the moment. Wait until you wake up tomorrow and realise that you're finished! :)

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

It's starting to sink in. But the prospect of editing it... Oy!

From: [identity profile] justin-pilon.livejournal.com

When you wake up don't forget the fancy dinner out and champagne! We writers need to celebrate at every chance we get. ;-)

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

That's an idea. Will you babysit??? ;)

Actually, I'm out to a dinner dance on Saturday - not specially for me or anything, but I could pretend. Failing that I could demand a take away tonight. :)
clhollandwriter: (Default)

From: [personal profile] clhollandwriter

Only three years? ;)


From: [identity profile] bogwitch64.livejournal.com

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It really is a shock when you finish keying those last words that punctuate 95K others and three years of your life. Good show, woman! Take some time to let it sink in then BACK TO WORK!! :)

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