Work: very busy. This is the first week of very big meeting in work so there are many people around and I am regularly showing off the library. Consequently we spent much of Thursday and Friday putting together displays of items from the Archives and the Rare books section. Great fun. Found a contemporary report of not only the meeting to ratify the Home Rule Bill in 1912 but also the sinking of the Titanic - same page of the diary. Took photos of everything from illuminated manuscripts to photos from 1916 onwards.

Writing: I'm editing May Queen - did chapters 1-3 last night and plan to move on with it tonight. Its going well and I am pleased. Also started a short story last night in longhand. Not sure if it will ever see the light of day as its in first person present tense and I think I've made my feelings clear about that particular set up on a number of occassions. However, that is how this story wants to be told. Stubborn thing. So we shall see.

Links: Excerpt Monday will be happening again and I plan to take part - its so much fun. The guidelines for anyone interested are here. I heartily recommend it.

Came across this wonderful post via Nell Dixon by Kate Hardy "How Authors get Paid" which explains the system so well.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Wicked Thorn and Roses cover contest. The Scroll Thief came second and I get a shiny badge for being a finalist. :)

So that's kind of it for today, unless I get another random thought I desperately need to share! :)


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