my YA paranormal twisted fairy tale May Queen has started talking to me again.

I'm going through it a bit at a time. I think I know where it went wrong before, which is good. And it needs to be a tighter story than I thought - not so long. But as its YA that's okay, isn't it? At least I think so.

Nice to be doing this one again. I like the characters and I did a lot of research for it which is all coming back delightfully.

So... yay! I think...

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Weeeeell... I found out where I went wrong. and it isn't, as if turns out dreadfully wrong, but it was a tangent, which I needed to tie back in. Which I think I've done (or am about to do as I had to go out yesterday).

On the whole I like it, I like where its going and what it appears to be exploring. It's probably more YAcrossover than I initially thought. (Who me? Write dark?)

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Very cool! Maybe you just needed a rest or a recharging sort of thing for some time. Yay for sure...ha!

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Maybe. That does seem to be the way for me. I'll work and work on something, get it done and then have about a week and a half (at least) of flailing around looking for the next thing. Even though I have many projects I want to work on and this wasn't actually one of them. *sigh*

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