has opened its doors and today we're talking about finding the time to write in what should be hopefully will be our regular Writing Tuesdays slot. And because its us... and because its all so new and SHINY! we all had to have a say.

Three posts for the price of one (One from me, one from Lee Bross and one from Dayan Hart-Rowan). Don't say we never give you anything!

Yes, I know, we'll calm down eventually.

Well, kinda eventually... maybe.

So come one come all and join the fun. The gnats are waiting.

Then you too can say "I've met gnats. Ask me why?"
If anyone would like any, drop me a message via the livejournal messaging or at rflong AT rflong DOT com (I think you know what to do...) with your address. Someone might even get a pen as well. :) 

In the meantime just to let everyone know that I too have a blogspot account (, and there's a blog on my website ( Just in case the panic is for real. If LJ folds I'll be unhappy, but the web is transient so...
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( Sep. 24th, 2008 11:24 am)
I'm a big fan of promo thingamies. You know, free pens, postcards, bookmarks etc. A sucker for them. I've been playing around on Vistaprint to make my own as well. Great is the excitement and mighty too the fiddling. Because it is fiddly. And a bit of pot-luck. How will they turn out? Haven't a clue. Not even when I ordered a printable pdf proof which I couldn't get to print (grrrrr..........)

With the various free offers (Remember, this offer may NEVER be repeated... until tomorrow) a bit of patience means all you pay for is the postage. (And maybe the unprintable printable proof).  And somewhere in my business cards I have a discount on that, I'm sure.

So, I am at play, effectively, in the world of graphic design, something for which I am totally unqualified. No different from book trailer design of course. And yes, it does serve as a distraction from writing, from working, and from all sorts of other things. But its fun and we all deserve a little fun.

Until I do bite the bullet, order them, wait for them and discover the great big GLARINGLY obvious typo in the middle of the blurb or something just as delightful!

So what this ramble is saying, is that I will soon have postcards, bookmarks and related promotional thingamies for The Wolf's Sister. And when I do, if you want one, I will send it to you. I may even have a draw for the free pen! :D Wanna play?

What's your favorite promo thingamy?

eta: Ordered the bookmarks last night. So now we just wait for the snail to bring them to my door... :D When they come I will post again and gather addresses etc. Talk soon

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( Oct. 6th, 2007 10:50 am)
I've just spent the hour I had this morning to crit, edit and write watching Il Divo videos!

Bad Bad Bad!

(but very enjoyable!)

rflong: (Clock)
( Jul. 4th, 2007 07:43 pm)
I have just realised what a terrible idea it truly is to put on Singin' in the Rain "just for five minutes before I sit down to work on the novel". It has sucked me in and there is no escape.

People? I ain't people!


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