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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:57 am)
to an R. Ah well, they happen.

The alter-ego* is having better luck with her short stories(sold one end of last week), I am having better luck with my longer ones. Strange isn't it? Perhaps the different genres suit the length at which I write. Or maybe, as [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  unintentionally quipped this morning, I'm just a "long" writer when it comes to fantasy. (Ha ha! *wipes tears of mirth from eyes*) The other stories - short, snappy, contemporary, no the identity is still sekrit so there - flow very easily. They're also usually short (max 6k, except for the novella but that was more paranormal so akin to fantasy). And in one sense I can't write them fast enough.

However, when I try to write short fantasy at the moment, while I come out with a story I might love (and in some cases LOVE) it just doesn't sell. Weird.

Is it the complexity of a fantasy (or urban fantasy or paranormal romance) world? I know I have stories that I tried to make short - honest to GOD! I tried - but just want to be long no matter what I do. Every reader comes back with - yeah, but it needs to be longer. *headdesk* 

I'm not complaining as such, but wondering why? It happens, I guess. Something at the planning stage. Something in the level of detail I like in a story.  Are there less people writing in the other genre? (errr... I think not). Are there more markets? (No, although I've found one particular market that likes my work).  Is one genre a tougher sell than the other? (Not in this market matey).

Or maybe the alter-ego is better than me???

Eep! *scurries off to work on craft*

(*this post has it's tongue firmly in its cheek)

Gnattering.com has opened its doors and today we're talking about finding the time to write in what should be hopefully will be our regular Writing Tuesdays slot. And because its us... and because its all so new and SHINY! we all had to have a say.

Three posts for the price of one (One from me, one from Lee Bross and one from Dayan Hart-Rowan). Don't say we never give you anything!

Yes, I know, we'll calm down eventually.

Well, kinda eventually... maybe.

So come one come all and join the fun. The gnats are waiting.

Then you too can say "I've met gnats. Ask me why?"

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