Over on Gnattering.com, its Entertainment Thursday combined with a Thursday Thirteen on Keanu Reeves - actor or robot. 13 Keanu Reeves films, from worst to best. I've left out huge chunks. But these are the ones that stuck with me or will haunt me to my grave.

So come and play with the Shinys.

Today I discovered that it is impossible to buy a single cassette tape anymore. I eventually got a pack of 10. I need 1 for the Boy Wonder's piano teacher to record about 10 minutes of music. We may never need to buy cassette tapes again. Seriously.

Oh, and I saw one of the anthologies the alter-ego is in on the shelf in a major bookshop here. Yay! Turned it face out. Went back to admire again it a little later. Bookshop staff might think I'm wierd now.


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