rflong: (The Scroll Thief)
( May. 6th, 2009 04:04 pm)
Well, the urge to talk like a pirate notwithstanding...

Galleys for The Scroll Thief have just arrived. And just as I started a new WIP for MaNoWriMo. Not sure how I am going to handle this as the galleys have to be back by 1st June. Hmmm... some juggling will be needed, I think. Then roll on 1st December as print date.

That said, apart from tonight, Friday and Saturday evenings I am relatively free as far as I know, so once this weekend is over... I hope I will be able to leap in to it. I hope.

Very exciting though. Will also have to get all my review quotes together as well, such as they are... Er... will have to get some more reviews too. Oh dear. I know I have one, and it was a good one so that's good news anyway.

Actually, that's starting to make me quite nervous now. Oh dearie dear!

So, anyway, off I will shortly go on a hunting typos and suchlike. :)


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