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( Oct. 15th, 2008 02:41 pm)
I think I 'm having trouble adjusting to Autumn, which is weird because we didn't have a summer here. *sigh*
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( May. 14th, 2008 05:26 pm)
Woke up with an almighty head cold this morning. Sent back to bed by EWH. Woke about 1.30pm. Have done little but feel bleah.

I was out last night, I admit it, but this is not a reason for me to be ill - unless drinking diet Coke now gives me a cold. I was at the monthly NISFA meeting hearing Michael Carroll speak. I got his book Superhuman which I am really enjoying. Check it out. Its available on his website. It was a lovely night. Had a good chat with [livejournal.com profile] shadowcat.

I would write more, but my brain keeps shutting down... and must make dinner for munchkins. Anyway, consider this a plug for Michael... :D His books The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy are in the shops. We all need some superheroes goodness in our lives.


The other plug for today is for Romance Divas and their wonderful workshops.

Everything Old Is New Again – Using Mythology in Romance

May 16, 17, and 18 at Romance Divas


P.C. Cast

Robin D. Owens

Gena Showalter

Nancy Madore

Lori Handeland

Alyssa Day

Want to know how to use mythology, culture, fairy tales, or folklore in romance? Romance Divas is hosting a 3-day workshop with some of the hottest names in the genre. It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register.
Not feeling well. Nothing turning up in tests, but totally blah!  No energy and not a lot of ability to do much. I do keep falling asleep on the sofa remarkably effectively however.

I am home from work anyway minding my son who is on half-term this week. I took him to see Stardust today and it was WONDERFUL! Empire called it "The Princess Bride" for the 21st century. They may be right.

Anyway, once I have the kids to bed, I think a bath and an early night are in order. I have so many crits to catch up on, and slush, and my own writing, but I am totally wiped out!

Have you guessed that I am not a good patient.

Seriously. It's a lot better, but the cautionary tale for all is when you have a niggly cough for a long time do go and get it sorted out by your GP and don't think it will go away by itself because it won't. It'll hang around and irritate your chest until you can't get rid of it, can't breathe properly and pass out if you do too much.

I got back to work yesterday and was generally met with people going "Are you sure you're ok?"

I did a fair bit of editing last night, taking a pen to both The Wolf's Sister and Old Friends. Having taken them apart, I hope to try slotting them back together this evening. I will also be writing more of the romance - tentatively titled To Regain Heaven. Moy Tura Echoes is getting some fresh critting on NB and seems to be going down well - yay! People like the way I write Maeve, which is worrying, to say the least. :D She's not nice.

Now I am off to do a crit (or part of a crit) before my tea break is over. Then it is back to cataloguing Italian Mariology books which came in from the Marianum. I now have really useful phrases if I ever get back to Italy such as "La Vergine Madre nella Chiesa delle Origini" and "Nuove prospettive della mariologia". Yay! 

On the other hand, I don't have to move around much, so not much chance of unconsciousness. :D

It will get better. It isn't permanent. I can already feel improvement. Honest!

Well, one thing I can say for Andromeda Spaceways, they're quick! And they gave notes.

Don't think they like the story though!

Totally exhausted today. I had a really busy day yesterday and today so I will probably try to veg tonight. Once I've cooked dinner and put the children to bed, and phoned my mum to find out what my visiting cousin is planning for the week and whether they want to come to the library, and phone the parents of my son's friend to find out where the birthday party is on Wednesday... AND FINISH THE GIN!

Nah, only joking. It's too expensive to drink the whole bottle of Bombay Sapphire in one night.

So, bit blah, going to put pen to paper in a little while and maybe have a think about short stories - I am torn at the moment as I really want to work on the novels. On the other hand, stories have more short term gratification! I don't know.

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just blah. I told you that already.



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