rflong: (Dogmatix)
( Apr. 24th, 2009 09:42 am)
I suddenly seem to have acquired a lot of To Do's

1) finish Moy Tura Echoes. I mean c'mon I'm under 10k from the end. That should be easy, right? RIGHT? Unfortunately got home last night and I don't know if it was hayfever or a cold but I collapsed and barely managed a bit of editing on something else.

2) polish, synopsise and sub the near future SF novella the alter-ego wrote.

3) Re-mend the patches on my daughter's trousers. Again.

4) Start the necklace I've been meaning to make for ages.

5) Finish the blinds for the conservatory.

6) STOP thinking about the new Shiny YA idea, at least until I have finished the other two things.

7) Oh, and the alter-ego has a novel to write as well.

8) There was an 8 but I've forgotten it. this is a large part of the problem of course.

9) Short stories for anthologies. I've a whole list of them. Need to get writing. Oh wait. See previous entries in teh list that concern writing.

10) Stop worrying about the submissions I have out because I really cant do anything about them anyway.

11) No really. Stop. And stop checking the email as well.

12) Write some decent blog posts.

13) Start writing The Wolf's Destiny. Em.. this should probably be further up the list, shouldn't it? Maybe this was acually 8.

14) Work. While at work. Like em... I should...

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