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( Apr. 12th, 2009 10:34 am)
Happy Easter (if you celebrate it). Happy Sunday if not.

I am reducing a pheasant carcass for stock, getting ready to clean our house before MIL comes and I also have to cook a spiced beef for lunch.

But the kids are happy with toys and an easteregg. Got the Boy Wonder the DS game of The Spiderwick Chronicles reduced in price the other day. He is over the moon. Principessa has a little toy hamster in a ball. Their eggs were hidden in the doll's house.

Our house is weird! icon_smile.gif

Watched Dr. Who special last night. It was a yes, with the odd dodgy moment before brain was firmly stuffed in a box. Engineer husband's ([profile] e_w_h )  "why not just take the seats out and use them as ramps?" two minutes before they did has to be my fave moment though! :)

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