Do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances start a chain reaction like dominos in the vicinity of your cooker which results your left hand being doused in the contents of the simmering coffee pot. Even if you are right handed.

My Sunday morning. What fun.

It's not too bad now. Still red and sore, a tiny bit swollen but I got it under the cold water tap right away. I can sort of type not. --now, I mean now! See what I mean? Only grateful the kids weren't in the room when it happened.


In other news (and thank GOD there is other news) British author Nell Dixon has an interview with me up on her My Space page. Nell's book Animal Instincts releases in March and is already attracting a lot of attention, so isn't she a star to take time out for me? The Scroll Thief releases tomorrow. The countdown is on.

Um... I'll just be over here hyperventilating in the corner.

*of course this should apply to everyone. But trying to write after doing this... er... doesn't really work that well...


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