rflong: (Iz You Drunk Again?)
( Feb. 19th, 2009 06:37 pm)
Lenny Henry in Othello. Yes, my first thought was "huh?" as well, and my second was "oh no!" but apparently not.

For those who don't know him Lenny Henry is a comedian, who I've always enjoyed in a Saturday evening with the parents kind of a way - funny, inoffensive, and not exactly earthshaking radical comedy (ok Tiswas in the 80s was a pretty radical children's TV show but that had more to do with the general sense of anarchy that overran it). Don't get me wrong, he's funny. He's very funny.

I just didn't ever expect to see that review. What a sheer joy. How incredible to see someone break out of a stereotype and to use Shakespeare to do it. I would really love to see the production. I love Othello, usually for the sheer evil that is Iago, who never really provides a satisfactory reason for his actions in poisoning Othello towards his wife and instigating her murder, nothing more than a general "because I can."

I do love Shakespeare. On so many levels.


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