rflong: (The Wolf's Sister)
( Feb. 4th, 2009 02:52 pm)
Fallen Angel Reviews just gave The Wolf's Sister a 5 angels review and marked it as a recommended read! Woot!

"The fascination that I first felt when I had the chance to read the blurb for this book was well justified. Riveted from the first page to the last I was looking for more and became frustrated when the story ended. This book was very exciting, the way the plot played out was thoroughly engrossing, and the characters displayed very real emotions...I love to read books that make me feel the emotions that the players experience, be it fear, pain, anger, happiness, sorrow and frustration. The battles that these two go through make you ask yourself what next and when will it end, but the ending is very rewarding. Overall, I could read this book repeatedly and find something new in it. Thanks to R. F. Long for a very wonderful read."

Thanks so much, Darksnite.


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