I got my hair cut.

I mean CUT. Like about a foot of hair is gone.

I said on Facebook that I did a Bernice and had to add a prompt to explain that cryptic statement.

My daughter hates it, my son loves it, [livejournal.com profile] e_w_h  is being very flattering. I love it! (Thought I'd better add that just in case anyone was worried). And yes it was drastic. But sometimes drastic is what it takes.

When I can get a photo where I have my eyes open I will post it, I promise. But I am not a good subject for photos. Really, I'm not. I tend to have my mouth open or in a funny shape, or my eyes closed. Or else they do that whole demonic red-eye thing. I prefer to be behind a camera than in front of it.

I'm still editing and still enjoying it. Tonight I need to work on a story for the alter-ego as its due in on the 2nd and I will be away from the 29th - 1st (and so far the plan is not... I repeat... NOT ...  to bring the laptop. If I can bear it.) While away I will try to edit The Wolf's Mate, do a bit of Moy Tura and sketch out part 3 The Wolf's Destiny.

Speaking of my Holtlands stories I got another lovely Google alert this morning: Romance Book Wyrm recently read The Wolf's Sister and gives her thoughts. Thanks Amy C.


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