rflong: (The Scroll Thief)
( Jan. 24th, 2009 08:13 pm)
This week so far I have edited

a short story and shined it up like a shiny thing

checked a fine line edit on a novella and passed it back - all is well.

and I'm now editing Soul Fire (formerly known as To Regain Heaven). These are first round edits, always fun, so as well as all the grammatical bits I'm into "should the name change", "should this be capitalised" and "What does this mean?"

I might sound like I'm moaning (I'm sleepy, cold, cranky and possibly coming down with something) but I'm not really. I love this part. Absolutely adore it. Because this, to me, is the time when the bare stone of the story starts to get that final finish. This ia part of my writing as a sculpture analogy - where the first (and even second or third) draft is the roughing out, and this part is the details, the sanding, the polish, the finishing of the piece.

Now I love the first part, the creation of the story itself, but now, with a wonderful editor's help, the rough shape becomes much more and begins to shine.

There are a number of other stages to come, other rounds of editing (I think we ended up doing 5 on The Scroll Thief in the end), but this time, the first time, is so much fun!!!

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