I'm testing cross posting right now.

Let's see if this works...

Originally published at R. F. Long.

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

Woo-Hoo! I can haz crosspost from my webz!!!

I feel all technologically advanced and stuff.
(Okay, I did have EWH-related help)

From: [identity profile] david-de-beer.livejournal.com

I guess by now you know it works:)
I like where you've placed the link too, makes it easy to find in case I need to click through.

From: [identity profile] rflong.livejournal.com

It does, which kind of amazes me! Normally I have to get someone else to do these things for me. I was good with databases but many parts of web related techy stuff terrifies me.

The link... well... I can't take credit for that as I didn't alter anything. I think it did it itself. ;)

From: [identity profile] david-de-beer.livejournal.com

always take credit for everything that works and blame the system for everything that doesn't.

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